Thursday, August 6, 2009


Haven't done this in a while... and I have had fun in the last month, as usual...stopping in at my favorite thrift haunts whenever I have gotten my $10. from my pay and stuck it in my little wallet, and see how very, very far I can stretch it to buy stuff just for me and my nesting instinct!

I am participating in Leigh's THRIFTY THURSDAY party today. So hop over and see all the neat and fun deals and treasures, and join in yourself.
Just go here!
I work in the childcare program for our church, and also petsit with a professional petsitting service here in Charlotte. So, my earnings are not anything to shake a stick at, so $10 may seem piddly, but when you are used to waiting and'd be surprised!...really!

Here's the first one that was a thrifty find. My dearest daughter, Kat just had her 22nd birthday, and I found her an awesome popular print at my favorite consignment store. This is a LARGE print, and I know it would be pricey in a retail art store or, to buy the poster print and get it framed yourself. I love the "mediterranean colors, but Kat may end up changing the frame to black. (easy with spray paint and a good protective tape job) It's currently an adobe or mexican tile color...

titled "First Mate"...ever seen this photo in the book Mediterranean Cats?

closeup of the comical kitty face! ...looks a little ticked at being photographed...

Now this does not really fall in the category of my $10. finds for myself. This was a birthday purchase out of separate funds, but it was $24.99, which I considered a fantastic steal, having seen what a framed print this size costs both in stores and online. I have sort of appointed myself as her "wall art" detective, finding her great pieces to take with her when she leaves home and gets her own place. :-)
This is the piece I got her for Christmas, another fantastic find, larger than the previous print, and much heavier. The frame is carved and beautiful, not to mention the print. ($19.99) same store...

But I digress...on to the thrifty finds for my Nest. All of these came from the local Salvation Army store, Goodwill, or my favorite little thrift store down the road in Matthews.

these looked brand new. I love the little silver embellishments.

Here is their current resting place.

in my kitchen....such true words...God gives enough grace to make it through one day at a time, so don't worry about tomorrow!

glass vase or candleholder, morphed into a cloche. I had all the goodies under it!

Got this to hold yummy goodies, but found out they don't stay fresh enough in it, so it turned into a sparkley fruit display in the dining room. The fruit was also a GW purchase.

vintage fox terrier. TOO TOO cheap to leave on the shelf...under a $1.00 I love terriers!

Three little mini-cloches - (.49 a piece!) my Grandmother's vintage costume jewelry in them. pretty way to display them.

neat little contemporary silver frame to add to the collection (featuring my favorite guy - back in his High School football days)

I've mentioned before how much I love blue and white. This is a favorite find. Love the bee in the middle. Pillows are SOOO cheap when you buy them second time around!

This was filled with Red and Yellow Christmas Tree macaroni noodles. Neat for a country corner display, but not quite what I wanted it for. I put a little vintage scottie dog vase in it with a few other pieces of decor. Like it!!

this was in an earlier "Favorites" post, for the coffee table book category! Great photos for doggy lovers.

This is in the closet at the moment...but is destined to be a storage basket thingy for grocery bags or something similar, when I get around to choosing.

favorite thrift shop, was $5.00. Planning to get my hubby to tighten the arms, which are loose, find some cheap crystals to hang on it (keeping my eyes open) and probably black or red toile shades (buy used, cover myself with some fabric) or if I spray paint it white, blue toile shades... :-)

this is metal with fixed handles. plans for this to hold toiletries in an upstairs bath I plan on doing in black and white one day when empty nesters.

this was new at GW. It will be for a cottagey beachy display for photos for me or Kat one day. She likes shell/beach stuff too. (.99)

Now, this was over the past four weeks, and from a Ten stuck in my wallet on two different occasions. Yes, once again, you can shop on a showstring, and you can find happy little things to satisfy your nester desires, and not WRECK your hubby's budget. Plus, the thrill of the hunt is awesome! So..go for it. Stay out of RETAIL as much as possible. Let others buy it the first time around. You wait ...Be patient...and laugh your way to the bank.

Gotta Go Walk A Sheltie!!!!

Happy Thrifting. (got this naturally from my mom and grandmama!)




B. J. Brooks said...

Awesome job. I love it all. Had never thought about showing off my old jewelry in that manner, so now I'm on a mission.

Thanks for sharing.


Christina said...

Some really wonderful finds. The $5.00 chandelier is wonderful. I also love the glass cloche. Thanks for sharing.

Kammy said...

I love the 49 cent jars the most ! You really found alot of great deals !!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

You.Struck.Gold! Wow! ALl the loot and all the deals! I am most impressed! Some fabulous finds there. LOVE the terrier and the book as well as the pillow. SO much to love-especially at those prices. Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow, now you should win some sort of crown or medal or other prize for finding AMAZING things. Know what I love most of all? The idea of tucking a tenner in your wallet, and just using that when thrifting. Brilliant. What a great challenge! (Love the black and white tin basket, too!)

Thanks for entering my giveaway!

pamperedgirl38 said...

Hi, just discovered your blog from Dawn's Cottage State of Mind blog.You did a phenominal job on the treasure hunting!What a great idea to tuck away money just for that purpose. Have a great weeekend! traci

Dawn said...

Sorry it took me so long to get by. I really enjoyed checking out your blog. Great thifty finds - especially love the terrier items. I also enjoyed your Wordless Wed. post. Beautiful photos.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Ohh that pillow would look good in my guest bedroom! Really fabulous finds!


Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Uh oh, I hope your not raiding my Goodwill, the Pineville one. lol. Which store is in Matthews. I'd love to check it out. :)