Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three or More..... Canine Caballeros!

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It has been SO hot the last couple of weeks. We are definitely in the latter "Dog Days" of summer as the end of August approaches quickly. School has started up again. The big yellow school buses have once again begun rumbling down the street early in the mornings. It brings anticipation for the cooler days and evenings of Fall and then the crisp, "see your breath" mornings of white winters. As I was going through my photo files, I came across this video clip, and decided to share it today in honor of my THREE CANINE family members. They are affectionately known as the Three Amigos, the Three Stooges, the Three Caballeros, or the Three Musketeers at any given time, depending on what they are doing! They are all three males and all around the same age...going on 6! All rescues. All wonderful companions making up a part of the fabric of our family and home. We love them. So here is a breath of fresh air from this incessant heat, visions of the change to come in seasons. And just a part of today's THREE or MORE in my life to share with you! Blessings. Oh!....The stars of this wintry scene are Gideon, Rob Roy, and Kobe.



Lori E said...

Brrr, snow. Summer isn't over yet. I won't let it go so easily.
It is nice the dogs get along and play like that. Our old girl no longer has that playfulness she once had much to the disappointment of our neighbors little girl.

DeniseMarie said...

we are all dreaming of the seasons to come. :0)
our beagle has never seen snow.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh Julie! This is the funniest. I kept waiting for one to jump in the bed of the truck!! lol!

I have 2 dogs and would love to have another but we have a 2 pet ordinance. It is so silly with all the animals crowding out shelters...

Great TOMT post!!