Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Can Only Imagine...

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” (I Cor. 2:9)

Today I have been struck afresh of the deep deep gratitude, or is it joy, or is it confidence....knowing that when I leave this earth, my life is not over. It will be the beginning of my new life, my predestined life, my life forever with my Father and Jesus my Savior, my Hero, my Redeemer, my Lover of my Soul.

Life will be as God originally intended. No longer waiting for what was supposed to be... to get back to what it should be. I can't wait.

The feeling I experience comes from within somewhere... my core? my gut? the part where my soul is resting. It is this part of me, when I feel this "feeling" arising from it, that I know is coming from the REAL me. It is what I am. AS C. S. Lewis put it. "I don't have a soul. I AM A SOUL. I have a body."

It's like an emotion that is not to be explained or understood, yet it is there. Every once in a while we get a taste of it, slowly coming over our entire being, rising up to connect with our brain. Our mental computer up there tries to process that feeling and combine with our psyche to deliver what emotion it is that we are feeling. But it's not quite like any other emotion. Anybody else ever feel that way?

In experiencing this again this morning, I believe this to be the "eternal me", the soul that makes me who I am, a creature made by God, to live for Him and enjoy Him. It is the Holy Spirit in me, united with me, who has been there.... dwelled in Heaven!... letting me feel that longing to go home. And it is not of this world, not originating from any source in this life here. Thus it is just a taste. A "spiritual-emotional" glimpse of what is to come. The Holy Spirit, my comforter and defender with me in battle here, sets loose a small, small drop of that feeling of what Heaven is like.

And it envelops the entire being. For just a moment. And that feeling, that emotion, that taste is what makes me SURE, along with God's promises, that there is something way beyond what we know here. It is beyond our imaginations. It is beyond our experiences. It is our home. It is where we as children of God will reside... forever.

I am so looking forward to being there. I am so glad for the assurance, the undeniable faith that God has given that we have a FUTURE and it will be with Him, and it will be unbelievably awesome. Blow-your-socks-off Holy Living as God meant us to have with Him. That joy will be incredible. Can't you just relish the thought?

God is good. His Word is truth. His promises are sure. He is with us. Now...Today..
We are not abandoned until death comes. We were not left orphans. God is with us, in our core, where our true identity is, our soul. The Holy Spirit dwells with us.

Every once in a blue moon, when you get a feeling that is inexpressible, and unexplainable, consider this. The Holy Spirit may have just let loose a drop of that Heavenly Joy for you to get a foretaste of what's to come. Hang onto that!
Live your days with that assurance - that this life is just a moment, a blink of an eye. Heaven is our destination. It is our home.
In the meantime.... be a good ambassador for your HOME country. :-)

Look forward to your homecoming with Jesus Christ your Brother and Savior, when He will greet you with the words, "Welcome Home!", and you will be standing in the arms of the Lord, forever changed, forever secure, forever glorified, fully sanctified.

Based on this small drop of joy, this glimpse of Heaven revealed to my soul...
I Can Only Imagine.

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I have those moments too ... God is good like that! lovely post!