Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photo Talk on Tuesday

Jonny's Christ Covenant softball team has made it to the semi-finals. Last night they played a great game winning by a good margin. Four hits were outta there-over the fence. Not bad weather either for an August evening in the South.

Come to the glove...

Right back at ya...

Wait for the good one...

woo-hoo...Run Bubba Run! (he made it)

Kurt has tossed around the idea of playing for the church league. He has had some knee problems, so the wo-man's point of view is not so gung ho about whether it's a good thing or not...but ya know how it is, we don't want to discourage them from their fun guy stuff.


It's getting to be that time...August "Dog Days" around here.

Here's Woobie's spot he frequents when someone is in the master room. He lets the breeze from the ceiling fan fluffle his furry ears.

This photo is worth a full post all by itself. This is a typical Kobe pose in our bedroom at the foot of the bed. He is a "security blanket" dragging canine. (akin to the character in the Peanuts comic strip...Linus) He likes to stuff them in his mouth, and gets that glazed-over look in his eyes like he's off in la-la land or somewhere in a day dream from his past, or just "happy." He is on the Toile doggie bed. He is currently soothing himself with an old cat-print throw (his).There is also an old King Size pinwheel quilt, a knitted afghan (handmade by my great aunt....horrors.. should be draped over the living room sofa) a chenille/satin backed doggie bed cover- gotten with Kobe in mind, a soft blanket from BJ's Club Katie gave to me for the family room sofa for Christmas.> soooo velvety, and an old pink sleep shirt of mine now full of Kobe chewed holes. All pulled from various rooms throughout the house, and dragged to this one location. Strange....but we love him.

And Gideon...sweet angel, this is his spot whenever I am at the computer, laying just behind or beside me as I work. My velcro dog. He loves mommy.

had to include this other very favorite spot of Gidgy's. Any meal...here is where he will be...waiting for any crumb to drop, or a little morsel to be handed under the table to him. Could this be a reason he is pudgy????? gasp...no!

And of course, can't help posting this pic today. Thinking of my Marine son newly planted at Camp LeJeune. Missing him... Hope he's having great days! This was his last day at Camp Geiger.

and ...closing with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Our House , a favorite, just because. :-)

Part of the lyrics say:
Our house is a very, very fine house
With two cats in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy
'Cause of you...

I'll light the fire
And you place the flowers in the vase
That you bought today.

**I put the hydrangeas in this latest thrift find. an old milk bottle I couldn't resist. (.49) Makes me want to say, our house...is a very very very fine house. Feels good.

Listen to this oldie. It will bring back past days, and feel good "warm fuzzies."


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