Monday, February 8, 2010

Marvelous Monday

OOO-RAH! Got a call from Justin! What a wonderful sound his voice is in this mama's ear.

He presented a quick "mama-check-in call" while waiting on a bus at Cherry Point that would bring them back home to Camp LeJeune. Later when he was able, he called in and began to tell about all the training and record RAIN in California...

For once, Camp LeJeune actually looked GOOD! He was glad to leave Camp Wilson in Twenty-Nine Palms in CA.

Looking forward to having him next weekend for as long as the USMC will cut him loose.

Blessings to all. Pray for our military! They are revving up over there. God bless our fighting warriors.


Georgia said...

Good morning, Julie!

Sounds to me like it's a really good morning for you this morning with your son coming home very soon. Bless his heart! Just know my prayers are with him along with all our amazing troops and please tell him for me, "Thank you!"

I am officially one of your followers! Yay! I finally figured it out this morning. I figured out you can either follow me through your dashboard by clicking "ADD" in your reading list and pasting my URL into the box, or you can go to my blog and click "Follow" in my follow box. Either way, it would be great and an honor to have you as a follower.

My URL is

Okay, well have a blessed day!

Your friend in Christ,

Theresa said...

Sweet Morning Dear Julie! It warms my heart to know that you got to hear from your Justin:) I know that your heart was beating extremely fast when you saw that number in your phone. I KNOW how that feels. My nephew has been calling quite frequently and we love it when he calls. Make sure he takes a laptop with him when he is deployed. That has been such a blessing to get to chat on facebook with our Justin. He can get on-line sometimes when he can't call. Just a helpful hint from your friend:) Hugs to you, can't wait for you to get a big 'ole hug from your Handsome Marine! Tell him thank you from me!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Good morning, Julie! Oh I know that feeling very well. Receiving that call from Your love one. You know, we lived in 29 palms for 1 year, and even when I loved it (being myself from the desert) It IS a big difference from Camp Lejuene, where we lived for a few years. Have a great day, (well I know You already have)

Dianna said...

I'm so happy for you, Julie! What a very special time of preparation you will have this week as you look forward to having your Marine home for a period of time! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Julie Harward said...

Nothing like those calls is there?! He sounds like an amazing young man to me. Have a good day! Come say hi :D

Dianna said...


I just wanted to drop back by and mention to you that if you really want to learn to knit I'm sure you can do it. Knitting has two basic stitches...and the rest is just adding to those two basic stitches. Crocheting is basically the same way. My grandmother crocheted and so I've always grown up with crocheted things around me and I think that is why I prefer it over knitting. Both are admirable ways to use our time. If you know someone who knits it would be a big plus so that they can help you out in a tight spot.