Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three or More... Fluffies

Joining Tam over here:

My blogpost today is about something some of you may not know about me. Not too far back, my family and I were a foster home for a Canine Rescue here in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte). We did this for about 3 years. It was an experience that taught us lots of lessons. We learned a lot about people. We learned a lot about dogs. We learned a lot about ourselves. WE are better people because of it. The dogs we took in, rehabilitated, and loved now have awesome homes, and along the way it was these furry creatures that changed us the most.

If you are looking to add a dog to your family...consider rescue and adoption. Do your homework. Count the cost. Give a deserving dog a wonderful home. Only get a dog for what you can do for it....Not for what it can do for you! They will be forever grateful. It takes work and commitment...but in the end, the payoff is priceless...

In fitting in with today's theme....Here are three or more of some of the wonderful loving foster dogs that shared our home and our lives for a short while in their life journey as they travelled to their forever homes.


Tollie (really loved this sweet little boy - wanted to keep this one)


by the way...this is that little fella today, living large on a ranch in Texas.

Jack our one Senior - he was between 8 or 9 years old...WHAT a sweetie.

Kiara (KiKi)

Nicklaus (loved this FIRST foster... lovingly Nikki)



Boomer - oh how we loved Boom-Boom...... just could have kept this one (part Dane and very large!!! only 8 months old here, still g-r-o-w-i-n-g!)

Dakota (Kody) This little guy my husband found wandering in the street (dumped)

Miracle (because it WAS a miracle he lived he was so sick and emaciated - his sibling died.) Lovingly Mick! Adopted by a vet and living very well today.


And....drum roll, please...Kobe. This is the one foster we flunked out on. (the golden one - that's big Sam in the background.) This one DID end up staying with us. He was adopted out, ended up coming back ...and the rest is history. He's been all ours now for almost 4 years. He's my cowboy. (a REAL dawg, my hubby calls him) :-)

The families that adopted our fosters still stay in touch and send us updates and photos which just thrills us still to this day. Those doggies were a part of our lives and a lot of invested hours and energy and mega-love. It was a great thing.

If you would like to see the post where I tell about our 5 rescued dogs that are a part of our family quilt, then just click the link below to see their picture and hear their story. As of this date, Sam and Annie Grace are no longer with us, and we miss them very much. We lost Sam in May of '09 to Diabetes. We lost Annie Grace to returning cancer in June of '08.
Missed but never forgotten.


Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a great day. If you have a furry one in your life, give it a BIG hug today.


Judi said...

Hi there
Oh what a wonderful thing you did. You gave those puppies a new chance on life. Thats a lot of time and work and dedication...and love. The pictures are beautiful. I can't imagine you could give them up. The little guy you did keep is soooo sweet looking. I wonder why he kept coming back?
Enjoy...have a lovely day
I've enjoyed reading your blog.
Come by and visit.

Theresa said...

Oh how sweet! Those dogs are all just precious! What a rewarding and kind thing to do for them and as you said you get so much in return. Kindness is a special trait:) Have a blessed day and thanks for warming my little Georgia heart this morning!

Carolyn Ford said...

What a sweet story this is! My best friend recently rescued a beautiful 4 year old golden retriever. She and this wonderful pooch are the best of friends...This story makes me teary but a good kind of teary! Wonderful post so early this morning...

~ Sonny ~ said...

Julie.. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, which of course brought me here.. I love seeing and reading about your furbabies. We have 6 rescued Pomeranians at this time.
I looked through your older posts and see ya'll got the snow also.. Luckily most folks stayed off the road as NC isnt known for its great drivers on dry pavement, giggle. Wish you were close enough to go thrifting with us on Friday..
Brightest Blessings to you and yours.

Dianna said...

Julie, you and your family are truly amazing people. Not everyone is cut out for such a ministry as fostering rescue doggies, and yet you've done with such rewards because you all have given of yourselves. I have two friends here who have adopted rescued dogs. Thanks for sharing about this area of your life. The pictures are wonderful!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

My goodness girl, you have such a big heart. It reminds me of the saying 'When there's room in the heart, there's room in the house'. I have ten flufflies.....but mine are chickens.

Manuela@TPOH said...

I LOVE dogs! The only two charities we give to are to various animal rescue organizations and Habitat for Humanity.
I think that's a very sweet thing you and your family did. All those dogs look so sweet! I don't know if I could have parted with any of them. We have a rescue Golden - Maxie. Couldn't ask for a better, more loving dog.


Hood Photo Blog said...

These are all so adorable!!! Got to love all the happy puppy faces :)

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love your whites and the dogs too! So cute. Thanks so much for stopping by today!