Sunday, June 24, 2012

"The Correct Way"....on a MERRY MONDAY

When I was growing mama taught me many things. And I do remember her sharing with me about decorating the house. Where furniture should be placed and how drapes should hang, how to set a table...what to do, and what NOT to do..

She informed me about hanging a picture on the wall, how the center of the picture should be at eye level. That was the Proper way it was placed for the best viewing. I remember thinking ~ WELL... there are short people, and there are tall people, so how did you KNOW what to do??? lol...

It was another one of those "THEY say..." rules of decorating.

When it comes to decorating YOUR nest, I say ALL rules are out the window...unless YOU made the rules. ;-) A home is an expression of you and your family. It is an extension of your personality...what is important to you...what makes you smile...what makes you remember...little threads and bits and bobs of what makes you and your family SPECIAL... and like no other.

What pleases YOU is what makes a HAPPY home. Your style doesn't have to be the  "IN style". Because WHO decides WHAT is YOUR style?? ;-)

Of course!!

If you were to pop into my would find your neck getting a workout because it would be going UPPPPPP...and DOWNNNNNN looking at what hangs on the once blank canvas of the walls.

There is a little bit of rebellious spirit in me that says ~ Art does not HAVE to hang at eye level! My mama taught me so well, and so many good things...but when it comes to the NEST....well, I want to be FREE to be ME!!! I don't think mama would take it personally...

In the short  hallway entering the master...Sweet EMMA  hangs WAY up there, above Kurt's hooks where he loves to hang his clothes - across from his closet... (That man loves his hooks!)

((Is your man like that???))

Okay...neck looking down, down, down to the floor! Sweet vintage baby print from the farmhouse my dad grew up in...Just sits perfectly on the treadle of this little table.

WAY back up to the ceiling!...this little print fits perfectly over the top of the curtains on this window in the guest room. .. a little pop of color hovering over all the white!

Now back down to the floor...(feel like a roller coaster ride yet??) loved this original beautiful canvas painted by SOMEbody... it had a little tear in it and was turned in to Salvation Army last year...I just Scotched-TAPED that tiny tear on the back and chose to let it adorn  my Entry hall - What a SHAME that so many hours went into this piece and then it was let go...(so much talent I wish I could do that!) *I was so happy to rescue it!

Going back UP again...Another favorite  hangs in the small space where the garage entry door is to the house. The calf and boy in the  barn stall just "go" with the brass horsehead coat rack. (left here by the previous homeowner)

And back down again, (our eyes are riding an elevator!)...these Pears go below chair-rail height, but rest in that spot on the long hall wall quite comfortably...

And what the about a rarely used corner spare chair as an easel?   I like it, and that is what matters.

So... Go for it!!! You are all unique gals...DO what you like, and LIKE what you do, when it comes to your lovely nests... You are one of a kind and therefore like NO ONE ELSE!! That's because GOD made you that way...SO...

NO color or style or pattern is OUT...if it is what YOU love!!

So tell me...In your nest....Are you adventurous and do you break the rules sometimes... or do you play it safe and stick closer to the "traditional"???

Would you hang art and mirrors outside??? (like this girl?????)... or not! :-)

Sending showers of hearts to all my wonderful and unique bloggy sisters...all SPECIAL!! {{{hugs}}}


Don't forget to smile that special smile!!!

We LOVE you Justin! God BLESS you, our cherished Marine!!!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love the print on the chair! I'm with you and like to hang art at different heights. My husband on the other hand likes to hang art high (I think because he's tall). He also has a thing about hanging mirrors so they don't cut off any part of his head. Of course I'm only 5'4" so sometimes I can't even see any part of me :)

Sandy said...

I agree with you, Julie, that we are free to decorate our homes as we see fit. I have art hanging high and low and that's the way I like it. It's boring to just hang at eye level,I think. As for leaving things outside, I have a bit out there but I find it hard to leave my things outside where they might be damaged by weather and critters.

Beth said...

Hi Julie, You have style, girl! Your home looks like it was done by an interior designer! Great job everywhere. Home decorating is one skill I lack. I kind of go for the clean and simple; I call it the Pottery Barn look - although when I see creativity in someone else's home, I love it - I just can't duplicate it. Call me interior design challenged! lol
I love reading your blog, Julie!
xo Beth