Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a Dog's Favorite Kind of day...

It is currently 65 degrees with sunny blue skies and a nice soft breeze blowing...The 6 am walk this morning required a long sleeve zip sweater for me and a hoodie for Kurt. Tonight's low is calling for 47-50 degrees here in Cedar Rapids...Looking forward to tomorrow's walk already...Of course this will be gone very soon! We are enjoying it while we can.

The Three Furry Amigos of Thunderbird Road are definitely enjoying this climate.

Obedient Gideon waiting for me to get a pic...Good Dawg!

Woobie guarding his de-stuffed carcass he carried out with him.

Cowboy Kobe ...doing what he does best...

always vigilant...looking for vermin or prey...chippies, moles, grrr squirrels to "play" with. Handling security over the yard...

Another type of lilly is starting to open up by the fence, *about 4 feet tall...a pretty pink and again, quite tropical looking...

Hope wherever you are that you are having pretty days and nice skies as Spring 2012 begins to approach it's ending...only 9 more days and Summer debuts...hard to believe!!

{{hugs }} to all dropping by.

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you. Semper Fi First Battalion Second Marines!!


Tete said...

We have the same weather here! So nice! Your lilies are just like mine! Mine are blooming so good right now.
Love the dogs and all their personalities.
Whispering prayers to Heaven for Justin and his guys.
Enjoy your day for the heat will return sooner or later!

Theresa said...

That walk sounds really nice:). Wish I lived close enough to walk with you! Love those sweet puppies;). Have a blessed evening!!! Hugs

Sandy said...

Love your flowers, love your dogs, love your temps! We've been having days in the 70's and wonderfully cool nights. Perfect sleeping weather.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late checking here today...just a busy day. Enjoyed the pictures of the puppy doggers and your beautiful pink lillies. They look very similar to the one of mine that is blooming right now. Matt and Ellen gave it to me a few years ago. Such a delicate bloom.

Your walk sounds so nice...it was a hot one here today. The temperature itself wasn't too bad...80...but the humidity was unreal. I acquired some annuals today, so I will be out there shortly after Carroll leaves for work in the morning to acquaint them with their new homes. ;)

Have a wonderful evening, Julie.