Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Spot...ALL your own...

Every person needs "a little spot" that they can call their own... A couple of years ago I did a post just about that!

July 2010 - Charlotte

June 2011 ~ Little nook with a different look

October 2011 Post-move to Iowa  ~ (the walls aren't crooked...the camera was!..OK, it's the photographer!)

 June 2012, Still evolving towards..."Juuuuust Right"... You know I HAD to have Bluebell looking over my spot! :-) Call me crazy... but that BIG ol cow face and those sweet soft eyes looking down on me with the little bluebird of happiness sitting on her ear are just the picture of calm and pure contentment.

Below is my "real-life" Pinterest board. :-)  ;-)  Another super duper fantastic FIND at Goodwill. It is a large (41 inches wide) and very nice Pottery Barn Corkboard with shelf and plate groove. It was priced $4.88 and I was hopping-shopping excited to spy it! ** Been wanting a large "pin" board for QUITE a while. -I had found a large frame in Charlotte to make my own, but things got hectic when Kurt took the new job, and I never had time.

One sweet "pin" - a gift from  Kam. There was a speaker/author from Japan in one of their classes this past year, and afterwards he  offered to take orders and paint some small posters with special requests from students. Kam requested one with my Blog Title..."Life Is What You Make Of It." ...and gave it to me for Mother's Day.  **VERY special to Mama! :-)

As I said in my FIRST post in 2010, I hope that YOU have a special corner, nook, niche, or spot that is your very own... to read, craft, write, pray, blog, or "pin"! :-)

A Little Spot....ALL YOUR OWN!!

Hugs to my Bloggy sisters stopping by.

We LOVE you Justin....God BLESS you!!!!!!!!!!!!    RAH 1/2.


Theresa said...

Love your sweet place all your own! That pin board is awesome! I saw something from me on it:) Have a blessed week my friend! BIG HUGS and loads of prayers for 1/2 and your Justin!

Sandy said...

I love your sweet special place! I was blessed to take over the whole downstairs when Seth married and moved out. I think you probably saw my art/craft rooms on my blog. Funny, so many days I still bring whatever I'm working on upstairs just so I can be near Toby as the kitties downstairs still do not like him at all! I have to keep them separated at all times.
Hope you have a beautiful day!

Beth said...

Hi Julie, Love your inspiration board and your nook! Love your blog too and want to follow you but couldn't find the Google Friend Connect follower gadget on your blog. For now, I've bookmarked your blog on my computer.
xo Beth

Anonymous said...

Kam's Mother's Day gift to you is absolutely the sweetest gesture I've heard of for a long time. So so special!

And, I'm guessing that your sweet Marine is somewhere in that picture. I enlarged the pic and strained to find him, but after a while they all seemed to be the same. Kind of reminds me of how to other people we may all look alike, but to God we are known by His special name and He knows every detail of our lives.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I used to have that print framed (when I was in my ME phase - she used to have a store here).

Great find (as usual) on the huge board! Love that cow print!!!