Thursday, June 28, 2012

What You See....

This is a photo of the right side of my dresser.

What the visiting viewer might see is....

a wedding photo

a ceramic jewelry box

a bright pop of blue in a cup holding some bits and bobs

a lamp

AND your EYES would be correct. For you are seeing *visually.*

What the girl who lives here

a memory of the most special day of her life. the moment she and the one she had fallen in love with ~ committed ~ to walk the rest of their days ~ together ~ an unconditional pledge of love made - a young woman and the making. vows...
30 years of sticking to it.

a beautiful ceramic rose covered dish, crafted by her mama's hands years ago - made especially for this girl's grandmama, ~ her mom's mama. "Frances". My middle name, yes...named after that special Farmer's wife grandmama. And now I have it, because when the grandmama passed on, the mama knew that this one would want it....a generation of women...continuing

a vintage teacup sporting my favorite color, but it is what the cup holds... the vintage rainbow bracelet worn by my mama, and the pearl bracelet worn by my dad's mama...that I see MORE... delicate touches of femininity that graced the wrists of women of strength who mentored me - godly beauty inside with simple touches of beauty outside.

a milkglass lamp - that sat on this same dresser many many moons ago..again, belonging to my mom's mom. She turned this lamp on in the evening to light her room as she prepared to go to bed...or maybe early in the wee hours of still darkness ~  rising before the sun a farmer's wife - to start the pot of coffee on the burner and read her bible on the kitchen table.

Yes, my EYES are also correct...with one difference...They see from the *heart*...

Even while you see reflections from the mirror and the glass...I see reflections
from my heart...memories that left "impressions" in my spirit...of women who loved the Lord, stayed true to the men they committed their lives to and served willingly, crafted things of beauty with their hands and creative flairs...and bits of sparkle and jewels worn to enhance their fairer gender. "Pops" of lovelies and color...and always - in my memory - a smile...chosen over tears...always.

What you not always ALL that there is to see. :-)

a Thursday reflection seen and felt from my heart...entered into a blog journal post.

Hugs to all my dear and WONDERFUL blog-sisters spread all over these AWESOME United States.

God bless those heroes who continue to defend our days of freedom and safety both here in the homeland and abroad - far from home...

We LOVE you Justin. With GRATEFUL hearts, we MISS you...God BLESS YOU. This Marine Mama is sending a HUGE Bear Hug flying across the waves to you...


Anonymous said...

What a beautifully written post, Julie. I am loving all of the stories behind your treasured pieces because it speaks of so many generations of women who have kept the faith and passed on their commitments to the next generation.

Praying for Justin...and for his mama.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

So lovely ... so touching.
Blessings my friend.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Julie, this is so beautifully written. I am touched to read the meaning behind each lovely item - so near and dear to your heart. Your tenderness to those you loved is so apparent through your words. Such a sweet post. And may God keep your son safe and thank him for his service!!

hugs back to you,

Beth said...

Julie, This is a beautiful post. It's very touching. Thanks for sharing from your heart!
xo Beth

Sandy said...

This is such a touching word today, dear Julie. I love your heart. Thank you for sharing just what each of these special items mean to you. I love seeing all of them, especially your beautiful wedding photo. Precious.

Theresa said...

I love it that we can keep the memories alive with by keeping certain items to look at daily:) I have some also passed down thru the years! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, STAY COOL! HUGS!