Monday, June 4, 2012

M is for...MONDAY....MANTELS.....and a MIX of blue and whites....

It is Monday. The first Monday in June of 2012. Summer is coming. My first in Cedar Rapids. I have played with the Living Room mantel and given it some more shades of secrets about that here in Blogland. Just doing a photo record of it for my "some-day archives" of this nest. And as always...for the record - all of the additions are thrift finds from Goodwill or Salvation Army... Two lonely Fiesta Ware cup and saucers in lovely shades of blues. a pair of vintage white Carnival Glass sweet swans. An oh-so-pretty old aqua pitcher. And another Angel to add to my mix...a favorite. Her wingspan is over 18 inches! And so the mantel has had a makeover - just slightly...but that is the running tale of the making of a NEST...twigs moved from room to room and fluffing with feathers . It is a journey. Some pieces are pulled and removed as others are found and woven in... Hugs and a wonderful Merry Monday to any visitors dropping by as you make a run through Blogland today. Smiling at you from my little corner here in Iowa... Keep that smile going. It's your natural God-given and most beautiful makeup any day. We LOVE you Justin....God BLESS you in mighty ways as you continue your deployment with the MEU... you can see...I have NO idea after trying many different methods to space text and photos in this new way of posting....I can either let it drive me crazy or let it go...and since I am only doing this for an archive...I am LETTING IT GO! :-) okay, I feel better...Have a GREAT day...!


Tete said...

Looks so pretty! Love your cups and saucers on the candle pillars! How cute and I love that angel. SO many things to play with. We are getting showers off and on this morning. The deck is delayed slightly, but they are back out there working again. Well, pooh, they just left again and probably won't be back until tomorrow. The frame of the roof is done, just needs the roof now.
Have a great Monday.

Theresa said...

I love your pretty mantel:) You are really fixin' up that new home of yours and giving it your own personality! I am so excited to hang my picture! I have laid it out in the floor with my many crosses and I think it is gonna look soooooo pretty! I have to wait on the Mr. to get the BIG tall ladder so that I can get up tall! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS and continued prayers for your Justin!

Julie Harward said...

I love the colors of blue and I love the lady is all so pretty! You have a gift of arranging for sure! :)

Privet and Holly said...

Happy Monday,
sweet Julie! Love
your blue and white
tableau, your {fab!}
plate rack AND your
swan find, too! BTW,
I have always been
big admirers of swans
and pelicans, who also
mate for life : )

We are still in school,
but counting the days....
'Lots and 'lots of baseball
games, but the weather
has been perfect for it!


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty mantel display, Julie. Love the idea of the cup/saucer as the "candle" on the candle sticks. Did you know that the Fiesta Ware is made not more than 2 hours away from here? Small world!

Praying for that Marine!