Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorite....FB followup

Last week I posted on Face Book that my sweet thrifty find for "Al Fresco" dining ....  was NOT such a great find!!!**( That happens sometimes. Building a nest is a journey that takes time, patience, and sometimes...change.)

My  6-footer  Kam, kept knocking his knees on the wicker base underneath every time we went out to eat on the porch...ARGH! so..I wanted to warn other gals to "think about knee room" BEFORE buying a table ...if they had tall men.

The "cute" little table got banished - to the's new assignment- a resting place for coffee mugs, and trays, spices, grill tools, etc. when the grill is in use.

Above is the replacement table for my lanky guy.  Got a fresh coat of paint with a burst of blue.

This post is   my next e-journal entry of the dining corner out on the screened porch and to record my mishaps along the way.    {And is June 15th and the Winter plastic is still up...}   Is it possible the neighbors think we are tacky??? I asked Kurt if we should bite the bullet and REMOVE IT, and he said nah...we shall shelters the porch on gusty days...

Here is the table now in place. Last night we ate out there again, and Kam said..."OWW!! I knocked my knee!!!" then looked at me and grinned and said..."Jus' Kiddin'" 
(he knows I love him!) The search for that table was JUST for him....

The small version of a quilt on the table has it's own saga...I actually bought it for KOBE, my blankie loving dog who is always dragging raggedy tee shirts, bedraggled pieces of old blankets, his bed pillows, etc around the house AND out to the back yard. It was $3.00 at Salvation Army and I liked the colors and it was very worn and coming apart, so I thought I would put it on the porch for him. (yeah I love my doggies too) He carried it out in the yard every day. Well....after the table got it's pop of blue on the base, I thought, oh!! that little quilt would look so pretty for a topper over those blue legs...(uh-oh Kobester!!!) So I stuck it in a bleach load, and brought it up and's gonna stay here for now...~sorry Kobe, you have plenty of others...

These are the worn places where the squares are tearing.

So...ALSO on the table are these small tools. Every time I go out on the porch, I am determined to repair a few tears until the whole quilt is done. "A stitch in time saves nine". Even if it goes back to Kobe's stash one day, it will be able to survive the washes it will get...

The candelabra has some large paper mache grape clusters twined around it that I found at GW that JUST go with the hanging art behind the table. They are what I call another "CHEAP thrill".

Ever heard of a vintage "Yard-Long"? This painting is one of those. Most of them hang horizontally, but some are vertical.  It is a lovely  seascape.

The ocean lies far down below the cliffs and in the foreground there are  grapes growing up a stucco wall of a building. Reminds me of a  view in Italy or Greece. I LOVE the mix of blue shades in it.

Please meet George. My "NOT REAL" bird. **no such thing with a Kobe on the grounds. So I settled for this one.

 I like to light these candles when it gets dark outside and smell the delicious Key Lime and Vanilla scents. (from Wal-Mart...believe it or not!)

For any who dropped by, thank you for visiting. I tend to "record" a lot of photo posts of the house, which may get boring to any one surfing through blogs, and pausing to see what might be going on here. I like to have the photos for I can remember this house and the stories that go with life day. LOVE doing that, looking back at my Charlotte house now.

Hugs to bloggy sisters and have yourselves a BEAUTIFUL day. It's Friday it is a great day. And this is just another FAVORITE today. This little corner of the nest where we go out and eat "al fresco". I love to hear the birds chirping...all the way into the evening hours. :-)

We LOVE you Justin!! God BLESS you! Safe travels to the 24th MEU as they patrol the waters,...and as they train inland.


Theresa said...

Just stopped in to see what you are up too:) I am adding more crosses to my arrangement!

Love the change of the table and I am happy this one fits Kam's long legs:)

Have a blessed day dear friend, stay safe Justin... we are praying for you! HUGS!

Tete said...

Love the tables and love the quilt. Could you put the table legs on bricks and raise it up a bit? I don't have that problem here, my guys are 5'9" and shorter. Love your quilt- the colors and patterns are so pretty. George is so cute. Have some of those stiff guys around here, the cats would have a buffet with the real thing.
Hope you are having a fun weekend and I would keep that plastic up, too. Winter will be here before you know it and you know how long it took MR to get it up last year.
The hot weather is here and getting nastier every day. We worked in the side yard this morning, back in for lunch and then I took a nap. The guys are asleep now, so got some time to catch up here.
Eric should be stateside now, but haven't heard a word either way. They were hush hush about how he was coming home and just when he would be here, but it was supposed to be yesterday, so hope they made it in safe and sound.

Privet and Holly said...

Jullie, I actually
LOVE the second
table even better!
You are so lucky
to have a screen
porch. We had
one when we used
to live in Indiana
and it was such
a treat. Hope you
are enjoying your
first Midwest summer!
My mom was here
last week and she
got a bit of it all:
HOT and muggy,
hot and dry, cool
and windy, rain
and thunder! A lot
different than the
Pac NW where my
folks live : )

Hugs to you and
yours, my friend!

xo Suzanne

Beth said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for visiting! Do you know Tete personally, or from blogging? Kudos and thanks to your son. His service is appreciated greatly.
We have a window box that is self-watering (i.e., it has a water resrvoir in it). We have some other self-watering containers as well. Then there is always the moisture retention potting mix and we use that too. If you want to see some beautiful gardens in your area, or if you're coming to DSM, I can tell you about some and hook you up with the gardeners. Email me if interested at

Have a great wknd!

Sandy said...

How I would love a screened porch! And I like this table better too. Whenever I come here to visit I always leave feeling refreshed. What is it about your lovely home? Even though I am not physically with you it feels as if I am when I see your blog. You have inspired me to go and decorate SOMETHING today!