Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday...Thrifty Transformation of a Front Porch...

A documentary of the evolution of a front porch...(it is not finished), but you knew that!
This is a post journalling how putting "your stamp" on an area can transform it and infuse it with YOUR personality.
It then reveals something to others about yourself...

another pictorial entry to my Cedar Rapids nest records/archives.

well...unfortunately this is the ONLY photo I have to include as a "before" on this Thunderbird Road front Kurt sent to me so that I could get an idea of the house we were buying! However the porch was empty except for the mailbox and a little flowerbox filled with impatience...

I did take a photograph of it right after we got was a very cheerful and welcoming lift for this flower loving girl. I added my old milkcan and a sunshine yellow mum, and a large wrought iron element and gave the mailbox (really paperbox) a little accessory over top to help it not look so "ugly"...yep..

This front porch has an entry door to the garage. you can see it in the photo above. but we do NOT use it. So since I have pretty much "almost" finished the inside and the screened porch **getting everything in it's place and a place for everything" I have been working on the front porch for the last 2's a process.... Submitting a few photos for my e-journal...sharing along with you, if you are visiting... :-)

In my blogposts, you will notice that I am a believer of bringing the outdoor elements IN, and also in bringing some indoor elements OUT. kind of makes the two areas overlap for living life joyfully both "sides" of the nest...

full shot...that very very crowded bed on the right??? plans for will disappear eventually...and maybe we will get our front entry sidewalk back!! I spy two fluffy you??

Left side. I added a mirror outside to brighten up the area at night. Being covered, it seems a little dark out there. **Kurt says it was for the mailman to be able to check himself out when he arrives with the mail... lol!

The birdnests in the mini-urns were here on top of two gutters when we moved in, so I decided to keep them for display when we removed them last Fall.

The front door already had the ceramic "house-number" plate and brass doorknocker...I added the metal tole wall-pocket with the hydrangeas.

This is a new mailbox (you have seen already!) and the iron scrollwork added in the beginning and a cute woven banana-leaf hat I found. Kind of thought it added a cottage garden touch. ;-)

Here is a deacon's bench I added. It received a new coat of black and some cheerful cushions. (the porch railing prevents me from taking a good photo.):-(

The iron urn of fruit just blended with the cushion colors and so did the cute little wooden clogs from Holland. (now you all know, all of this stuff came from thrifty shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army, and that's why the title says "thrifty transformation") just confirming... over the last 8 months I have been watching and searching and collecting little things that kind of fit the fuzzy image in my mind for this porch.

An example of an indoor element coming OUT.I hung these two black and white dishes on the shutters to punch them up. The shutters are eventually going to be painted black in the grander scheme of the outdoor changes. (my little window box is not growing very fast...haven't gotten enough hot temps yet, I guess!) patience for the Impatience!

Right end of the porch. *garage entry door...

when I came across this little bird artwork, I fell in love, because it fits with my NEST theme..and kind of gives a distraction to the unused door.

Okay, so one final look of the evolving transformation of this spot in the Iowa Nest:


AFTER: (coming along...)

Well, that is my front porch photo entry for this day. The most important and special piece on the porch will always be and remain the red-white-and-blue of Old Glory...Ooo-Rah...Let Freedom continue to ring in this beautiful matter what Her problems and shortcomings..she is still the glorious picture of Democracy and Freedom...May She always remain such. God, please keep your hand of blessing over her... Thank you, Thank you To ALL who go out to defend her, and stand strong and courageous in protecting and sustaining that FREEDOM.

Thank you to ALL who continue to daily pray for these unsung heroes...

We LOVE you Justin....God BLESS you and keep you and the 1/2!!!


Theresa said...

Oh how I love your porch and all of it's sweet decorations! I have been doing some of the bringing the inside outside:) I am loving switching it up a bit!

You asked about my ladder project:) I never finished it but it is on my list! It is all painted but I want to stencil some ivy running up each side! I will get to it soon, I hope!

I hung my angels in a temporary home! So pretty and I thank you so much! Still waiting on the tall ladder to add them to the wall of crosses:)

Have a blessed day my dear Julie, HUGS!

Sandy said...

You are making everything look so beautiful. We have such similar tastes. I particularly loved any kind of decor related to birds and the outdoors coming in.

Anonymous said...

What a transformation! WOW! Love the touches of home you've given favorites being the bunny at the door, the deacon's bench and the little wooden shoes. We brought back some wooden shoes when we were in Europe many moons ago...hmmm...wonder where they are? Anyway...I am going to be watching to see what you have in mind for the flower beds there in the front. I know it will be done in very good taste.

And I laughed at Kurt's comment about the mirror being there for the mailman. :) Too funny!

Have a wonderful Friday my friend.


Anonymous said...

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