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Today's post is dedicated to the 4 legged furry members of this household that you see in the slideshow over to the right. :-)

This family loves doggies. We are of the mindset that supports the following quote: " dogs don't make up our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." Canines sure do give their humans unconditional love!!

They are there with you through thick and thin, always ready with a loving paw, a big kiss, and a friendly awooooooooo!

For the better part of 3 years, Katie and I were involved in organized rescue for all breeds of dogs. We helped found a new rescue in Mecklenburg County and served as board members and as one of the regular foster homes for dogs rescued from the shelter. The boys helped out various times at adoption events and fundraisers. The whole family pitched in to help nurture and rehabilitate abused or neglected dogs so that they could be adopted into acceptable homes.

There is a corner in the living room dedicated to all of the furry friends that passed through our home and our lives during that 3 year span.

Throughout this time we also loved and enjoyed our personal family dogs who were good 4-legged ambassadors for the cause of how a loving family can change the life of a dog.

SAM is a Black Labrador-Shepherd cross with maybe a little something else thrown in the mix.

We saved her at the age of 4.5 weeks from a family in the Toys R Us parking lot trying to pass these yellow and black pups as a wolf mix. Now we would not be opposed to saying that Sam may have some Black Bear in her, but wolf??? no go. She mostly likes to lay around the house or in the yard 24-7, and is prone to having crazy fits every time Dad comes home from work...

Sam as a baby.

Sam the Bear today, all 89 pounds of her!

GIDEON is a very furry Border Collie-Great Pyrenees cross. He was rescued from the County shelter at 8 weeks of age, and is now the current canine angel in residence. He is a velcro dog attached by love to Mom. He is the sweetest dog ever, and Dad calls him the "dog in whom there is no guile". He is the aroooooo arooooo talker, and will bark at a blade of grass moving. His fur is what embellishes every item in this house. :-o

Gideon, the irresistable puppy.

Gideon in all his glory on a beautiful autumn COOL day!
I love my country!

ROB ROY is a Sheltie - Eskimo Spitz cross with possibly a bit of terrier thrown into the mix! He was whisked out of the County shelter at 8 weeks of age and has been working his cute little way into our lives ever since. He is Justin's shadow. Now that Justin is at Parris Island, he seems to be searching for a new Master that he can serve as a padawan to. (as he was for Justin) He is an adorable doggie and very well behaved, keeping himself cleaner than a cat. His nickname is Woobie.

"Woobie" at 8 weeks.

Rob Roy with his French look. (Pierre, please)

Just don't get fireworks! Scary!!!

KOBE is a Golden Retriever-Collie cross. He was pulled from a high kill shelter in SC for rescue and fostered at our home. After one failed adoption, he ended up back here, and worked his way into our hearts, and joined our pack. He is a renegade and a cowboy. He can dig his way to China and back in a day, if allowed. He is Dad's dog, mostly, since that is the human who gave the thumbs up and the compassionate resignation to allow Kobe to stay.

Pitiful and a bag of bones at the shelter... :-(

Kobe today, happy, secure and beautiful.

Where's the parade?

Last and never to be forgotten is little Annie Grace who is no longer with us. She was a breeder dog rescued at about 9 years old. She was a Silky Terrier. She had been used and abused most of her life, it was obvious. She ended up having cancer and several operations which kept it at bay for a while, but in the end it had come back (tumors) and she was half blind and just about totally deaf. She was a good little girl, and I miss her much! She was allowed retirement here in our home for her last 3.5 years. I'm sure she was glad for it. I sure was.

Annie at the point of rescue, poor coat and skinny.

Sittin' pretty.

Annie, happy, full tummy and my sweetie.

And that's all the "tales" of our furry members. They are a huge part of our lives, and we feel happy and privileged to have saved some homeless creatures and to be good stewards of God's animal kingdom.

If you ever consider a furry family member, please consider adoption. It is a wonderful thing!A dog will never let you forget how grateful he is that you gave him another chance in life.



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