Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Couldn't let the day pass without saying that my Dad is a great Father. He is a wonderful Grandfather, too. :-) His Dad was a godly man....he is a godly man, he and mom raised myself and my siblings to lead a godly life, and that heritage is being passed on generationally to our kids now.

Here are a few photos of this prayer warrior over our family.

Photographer - big events

75th birthday! Double Chocolate!

Reading the annual Christmas devotion

Birthday party, (chief pizza provider)

And we can't forget the biggie....

He gave me away....and then

He married me to my hubby.


Even though he's not my father, Kurt's a very special man, because he's the father of my bestest treasures in this world. He is a good dad.
Here are some pics of Justin and Kam. Their dad drove all the way to Wilmington to spend the day with his Marine at Camp Geiger on his liberty Saturday. They had fun and enjoyed the time they had together. Here they are after touring the USS Battleship in Wilmington.
Left at 5:30 in the morning, spent the day with Justin, and turned around and drove back home, arriving at 2:30 am.
It was Kurt's Father's Day to himself, and his best gift both to himself and to Justin. Kam had fun too!

Driving, driving...driving around Jacksonville

Big Boat

Another pic??? oh, yeah ...for mom

Hey Dad, thanks for giving this Father's Day gift to yourself...we LIKE it!

Thank God for fathers. Though none of us are perfect, those of us who are sinners saved by grace, know that God can do great and mighty things through those who love HIM. And HE does His good and perfect will through men...dads...who are good-willed and honorable in their intentions and efforts to glorify their Savior. Respect them and honor them and thank God that HE is the perfect Father-figure who shapes and forms godly men still, today, into good dads.
Thankful for the fatherly men in my life.


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