Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Got a little piece of Eden in your yard???

Remember these flowers in a post several days ago? They are a thing of beauty hiding an OOPS-induced ugliness! (broken window pane)

Here's the replacement blooms. The others started wilting. It's fun to watch all the different shades of Hydrangeas as they open up on the bush, and change by the day. A small embellishment of Red Maple is added to this display.

The beauty of God's Creation is mind-boggling. The sights and scents of just the floral offerings are proof and evidence of His power. They are a wonderful example of that original Eden that we are still able to experience and enjoy today in our world. Eden, by definition, means... A delightful place; a paradise, or a state of innocence, bliss, or ultimate happiness. I can only imagine what The First Garden must have looked like and smelled like in all its splendor. I love gardens. :-)

healthy crop of Lamb's Ear....so soft.

and then we have the Elephant Ear....so BIG!

The blooming of the Day lilies has begun! Sadly the blooms only last for one day...

Every time I look at this Hosta variety, I am still amazed at the size of the leaf. You could pile a huge dinner serving on one of these!... and I love the variegated coloring.

Ever heard of the term "Eye Candy"? eye candy - visual images that are pleasing to see but are intellectually undemanding. That's what this photo is. :-)

Daffodils, Lenten Rose, Snowbells, Dogwood and Sebastian getting to experience the garden flora inside where he has to stay.

hmm...a blast from the past in the days when Rastus used to come downstairs. Here he sits enjoying the Gardenias (I love their scent!) Rose of Sharon and Hydrangeas.
scanned from a photo, so please excuse the grainy look... :-)

And here's a photo from the past with my little Annie Grace whom I miss!!! She was looking pretty beside the bouquet fresh from the yard. That was a bountiful year of many different flowers.



God's natural beauty from outside...brought inside, to enjoy even more throughout the day! (the most beautiful of all interior decoration selections!)

AND just for fun, more "eye candy" from the outdoors.

I close with this little sign. If you don't have a little piece of earth to plant in right now, then just grab yourself a few hanging baskets or planters and pots, and fill them up with some summer annuals. The riot of color on your patio, or balcony or window ledge will bring you joy and happiness every day... I guarantee it!

Here's hoping you enjoyed this garden post.

Blessings in your own little spot of Eden,



Angie said...

I just love seeing other people's outdoor spaces! You have lots of great things to look at. Love the bunny and the fleur de lis pieces1

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog tonight....you have a beautiful

Love it when I have time to do blog hopping...I always enjoy finding new blogs!
This month I am posting on our Disney trip.