Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sage, Simple and Silly Random Thoughts on Sunday

Today I am just going on a rambling journey about life here on Woodberry Road.
If you care to come along for the ride, please do! :-)

Hmmm. What's up with this? A nice comfortable bed, but Woobie prefers the hardwood floor. Me thinks he has read the book Do Hard Things, and always tries to take the hard path in life....Don't always seek the most comfortable and easy way. Thanks for the reminder Woobie!

WOOF! Your Welcome, Mom

Ah..Kobe. Here he lies, every day when he wants to come back in. Never barks to announce to our ears he is waiting. Just waits, waits, waits...If it takes TOO long, he may exert a little scratch-scratch on the door...Hello??? Anybody there???
Thus, the doofy grin when someone looks out the window.

Yesterday Kurt was weeding the Rock Garden, and pulled a handful of these, and then seeing the pretty flower, thought better of it and came to double check with me that it was INDEED a weed. Yep, it's very invasive, and absolutely a wild weed!
Reminded me that in our patch of life, we need to be careful with things that may seem appealing or attractive in our mix of the good and beauty we seek to cultivate at home. Looks can be deceiving, and before we know it, we may have a crop of bad habits in our homelife that we will have to work hard to weed out and eradicate. Know the fruits and flowers you are planting in your patch.

Hydrangeas..My Favorite flower. That's what I'm talkin' about!

KOBE!!! Yes I see that guilty look. Digging at the fence AGAIN!!! Renegade Cowboy!!!
Speaking of digging.. this dog is the king. He could go to China and back in a day and tear up even the toughest of sod, rocks, bricks, name it. **Kurt, if you read, take NOTE!!!

ACCKKK! My Fairy Garden! A trench in my garden! Those chipmunks are the reason for this!!!

If THIS dog finds a chippy hole, It's ALL OVER!!!

Arrggh...another hole by the front Picket Fence. At least it's not a garden area.

Woobie, sweet thing. He is not destructive at all, and stays as clean as a cat!! :-)

Oh My!!! It's already 8:30 am and I forgot to hang the flag, What would Justin say?? (...and it's FLAG DAY!!)

Attention, please! Yes, if you enter the driveway, take note. This place is reserved for a special person. If you are from Ohio, do NOT place your vehicle here!!!!!!

Do you have Big Boys and Big Boy Toys at your house, too????

CAN'T omit this picture from a post about Woodberry Road. This little truck is a fixture in our yard. Bought new in 1985,...has taken a number of lickin's and still keeps tickin'. This is a TESTIMONY to Toyota vehicles. This truck has hauled and carried everything imaginable in it's bed. What a treasure. A man and his truck, what else can I say?

What??!! You didn't know a "fridg" wasn't just for food? Of course not. It's for lovable photos and bringing back warm fuzzy memories from the past!, along with a multitude of quirky magnets!

Yes, I have to confess, now Honorable Son #3 has joined ranks with his Honorable big sis, big brother, and dad. They all have their own personal Laptops. I'll just stick to my trusty bedroom desktop model. And sigh, yes...this is the way the Dining Room Table looks 98% of the time...

Oh yes...YES YOU DO see a variety of homemade PEANUT BUTTER cookies!!!! And when was I making these?? At 10:00 pm last night? Why? I have no idea. Just following an urge to have a homemade cookie... Ya'll dig in, and as Paula Deen would say.."These are awesome, we're gonna be arrested!!" (coconut, pecan, chocolate chip, and plain)

One of my favorite bloggers is "The Nester", and her mantra that she says and teaches is "It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect to Be Beautiful."
Well these flowers above, are covering up an oops that we cannot fix with a replacement window right now. And Nester is right. This house is in need of some TLC and repair but it sure doesn't have to sit around waiting for said work to be done in order to be pretty!!

Here's what is hidden behind Mother Nature's artful touch. Notice all the clear tape holding this poor little wounded pane together? It took a mighty blow from a basketball!! But now Mom hardly notices it with pretty flowers always hiding the horrible facts of life.

Remember afore mentioned muddy renegade cowboy dog that digs up my yard every day in every way??? Well here is his "foot bath", and sometimes that includes the belly too. depends how deep he dug!! He must obey the "KOBE!!, go wash your feet" command before he can come back into the house....every time!!!! It can be filled up with clean water, and before 24 hours has passed, it is muddy again. :-(

And here are all the sullied, muddied wet towels that dry that naughty doggie after he runs back from his "bath". There they hang, blowing in the breeze, adding more color to our life quilt of daily events at this house.

Can't leave out my angel, Gideon! My sweet fluffy, shedding puffkin!! (who by the way does NOT dig, thank goodness, or he would be peach colored!!)

Thanks for joining this little trek through the musings on Woodberry Road where life is good, God blesses abundantly, and sometimes when the days get a little hard to get through, we have beautiful kids, warm fuzzy pets, vehicles that work, flowers to smell, huge trees that sound like the waves coming in on the beach if you close your eyes and listen when the breezes rustle the leaves, the freedom to still hang our flag on our front porch, and a house that God gave us and holds together.. to shelter us and fill with love!

Count your Blessings...Remember that God is Awesome in the good times and the bad!:-)


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