Monday, June 8, 2009

Feathering Your Nest...

( Larger pieces retrieved from the Garbage Bin, laid on the driveway to give an idea of it's former lovliness....!) :-(
Last night I had an OOPS! happen. I found out about it later, when my youngest honorable young man in this house came and related the accident to me. He said that my decorative "thing" over the Entryway doorway had fallen off the wall and shattered! ( a Dogwood arch, 3-D relief sculpture). I exclaimed that I didn't understand how that happened because it had been hung pretty securely. He then began to unravel the story in little pieces. Seems he and "older brother, son #2" had been rough-housing/playing after Dad and I took the doggies out for their nightly walk.(add-on, found out they were doing some Movie-speak, and some enacting of said movie scene was going on)The door was shut pretty hard, (how about slammed really Bigtime??!) and it had tumbled to its demise....

Here's where it used to grace the walls of our Entry hall.

He could tell I was disappointed, and said he was really sorry, was his fault, and wanted to know where I found it, so that he could replace it. (Bless his heart)
I told him it was just a purchase at a consignment store booth for a thrilling sweet deal, thus I couldn't refuse it, but not to worry. It was a find on one of my "treasure hunts", and I would find something else to take its place for a next-to-nothing price one day.

I am blogging today about this, because I felt there was a lesson here. I have learned, as many fellow women bloggers also have learned that you can get beautiful things for next to nothing prices, if you are patient, WATCH, and shop thrift and consignment stores.

If you should lose some of your treasure hunt finds because of "accidents" caused by your most PRECIOUS treasures on this earth, your children... it doesn't matter or hurt near as much. It keeps us from becoming attached to material things that will not last, and keeps our love and grace for our children in balance.

I encourage all my sisters who love to "feather their nest" as much as I do, to spend as little as possible on your decor for your house. It makes decorating your home absolutely thrilling when you find a high dollar item for mere pennies in comparison. Put your energies and creativity and saved dollars (earned by that hard-working honorable and good-willed man)into your family and lasting moments.

I found this treasure at a Goodwill for $2.99.

I grabbed this heavy treasure as it was unloaded from the basket to the shelf at a thrift shop. (price? $5.00)

It's a rare moment indeed if I ever buy Retail anymore. I can NOT stand to pay the price. It's just not worth it.

We all like to make our houses... our homes, be a reflection of our personalities, our values, and our joys and whimsy in this life. I close with a photo from my yard that I have used in a previous blogpost about the gardens in my yard. It is a Robin's nest in the Ivy Archway entering our front yard. This little lady obviously desired some bling in her nest, and found it in the form of some stray icicles left in our yard from the previous Christmas when we dragged our Christmas tree to the street for pickup. She was NOT a minimalist, was she? :-)

She may have easily found the icicle strands, but she must have worked hard and long to try and weave them into her nest. May we all work hard to put less $$$ and more handiwork and creativity into the "feathering of our nests." It is a good lesson for our children to imitate, and honors our husbands as they work so hard to provide for our needs.

Today I am thankful for honest and honorable children, hardworking and good-willed husbands, and all of the little treasures God allows us on this earth even above and beyond our needs. Truly the "JOY of the LORD" is to be our strength, and our largest thrill in this journey on this earth. He is good! Praise Him for all He is and gives.


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