Monday, June 15, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday...

I'm taking part in a fun party today online over at the following blog! Metamorphosis Monday allows women to show a transformation that has taken place on something in their home that went from drab and old to exciting and new!

This past week, I had fun changing the looks of a "shabby-chic" looking old chair I had picked up at GoodWill ($7.99) a while back. It has been in my Living Room awaiting me to get inspired to change it from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Here is the before photo.

Next is a photo of the small rectangular tablecloth that I have had for many years and used in many ways, most recently as a seat cover over the computer desk chair in my Master bedroom. It is a pattern from the Waverly "Garden Room" line. I picked this up at a Goodwill new and in the package for 2 or 3 dollars. (it was a turn-in from Target)

The "before" chair had a shabby matte silver finish. The cushion was a thinly striped oatmeal color (dingy, dirty looking) I took the cushion off, then took the chair outside, spray painted it with a white satin finish. (2 coats) While it was drying between coats, I began the long and laborious task of removing about 200 staples out of the old cushion. My fingers were red and throbbing about an hour later. (screwdriver and pliers) I cut the ruffled trim off, ironed the tablecloth, and then laid it on a table outside near the garage. The power staple gun is run by attaching it to an air compressor. (hubby's wonderful tool)

My honorable Son #3 then came out and was my wonderful assistant. While I stretched and held the fabric around the cushion frame and foam, he worked the stapler. More hands make the job go SO much faster! Thanks KAM!

Here are the finished photos of the metamorphosis this little side chair went through.



I draped a vintage pillow case over the top because the blue cutwork matches the colors and just adds the touch it needed to finish it out. The Mary Engelbreit "It's Good To Be Queen" pillow got a little crowned-kitty-on-a-throne brooch added to it, and placed back on the chair. (this pillow was my Pillow #2 find at GoodWill. (.99) This same Pillow #1 was grabbed and chewed up by a Foster Dog I had at one point. I couldn't believe I found the exact pillow at Goodwill at a different time. Just shows you PATIENCE pays off.

This last photo is to let everyone see that the new and improved chair now ties in better with it's partner. (white wicker chair to its right, - by the way, also a GoodWill find last summer for $5.99)

I love being able to get something for a song, and then if it needs changing or transforming...being able to do it for pennies. Using stuff you have around your house, and a can of spray paint or a good ole paintbrush and some sandpaper, and voila! you have a new look.

Creativity is the mother of thriftiness!!!

Here's another quick transformation or "metamorphosis" that I went ahead and did with the leftover white spray paint. I have had this little stand for a number of years, and it was the older ugly shade between gold and avocado. I have always intended to change the color. It just stayed on the back burner toooo long, and I let it go. Finally!...I got it done. (this was also a "what a steal!!" {:-o deal at a little consignment store)

NO...that's not a sheep you see in this pic, it's a doggie in sheep's clothing!!


And last but not least is this small and quick and EASY metamorphosis! I had this frame in my closet, waiting for the right picture. (this was a $1.99 Salvation Army thrift store buy from the past) I decided to turn it into a "mini" table tray. I removed the foldout leg from the back. (tabletop frame support)...actually kind of twisted off, see the two holes?...

The background fabric is from a baby pillow sham I had picked up from, yep, GW, again... (for .49)I cut a piece large enough to fold around the cardboard stock in the frame opening. I then placed a vintage napkin (came from my Grandmother's linen collection) on top. I put the back down securely and there you have it. Picture Frame becomes a decorative table tray.

I did a closeup on the little frame covered in delicate blue roses. It is one of my favorite finds ever.! (Salvation Army thrift store - $.99) It holds a photo of my beloved little (deceased) Silky Terrier, Annie Grace! The frame has such a Cottage look to it. And it just ties everything "blue" together.

This photo is just a tag-along. It is not something I have done in the past week.
It was done a number of years ago, but just fits into a metamorphosis/transformation post. These are 3 old shutters that were at the street (curbside) when a neighbor had his windows redone. He had placed all of the former stuff out for Garbage Pickup. Another neighbor let me in on the "treasure" and I got these along with a few shorter shutters and a slew of old windows. I scrubbed the shutters outside. My hubby then attached hinges to make a folding screen or divider. I just added the "pretties." The shutters now reside in my Living Room.

If you like these kind of posts, and get inspired to do the same thing, then hop over to Metamorphosis Monday @ Between Naps On The Porch.

Copy and Paste the link below. Insert in your Search Engine browser and join in. (sigh - can't get the MM button to post here on my blog.)

Thanks for visiting. Hope it got your creative juices flowing!



PAT said...

Wonderful makeovers!!!

I absolutely love what you did with the chair! Gorgeous!

Lori E said...

Boy you get a lot into one post. I am tired for you. Very creative.
The chair look so much better.

Marie said...

Fabulous chair make-over! Love it. And love the oval frame made into a tray! Great inspiration.