Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

Missed my FAVORITES last week!! {:-o

This Friday I am posting about a favorite morning breakfast treat!

Here she goes...

Add these items up for the answer to the equation.




Yummy!!! BUT WAIT!!!! Don' forget what's in the parenthesis!!! ( )

Okay...Bottom Line ~ Grand Total = DELICIOUS!!!!

That is my Friday Favorite for this chilly LAST Friday of February....

Hugs to all. Have a Fabulous Friday as you start your weekend. Keep a Grateful Heart. It is a blessing to live in this nation of America...She is still Grand. There are still awesome remnants of Beauty and Wonder and Awe left in her...GOD BLESS HER...GOD PROTECT OUR TROOPS WHO ARE GIVING IT THEIR ALL TO PROTECT HER...

Amen... and Rah!

!! **Please ~ Asking prayers to be lifted up for the families of the Marines who were killed in a double Helicopter crash in California...They were in Training...We, as parents, know...Injuries ~ and yes, the possibility of Casualities can happen, even during the training exercises...It is always, always a path paved with prayer.... Thanks from a Marine Mom.


Theresa said...

Yummilicious:) I am hungry right now, about to have lunch! My favorite breakfast is toasted bagel with a slice of HOME-GROWN tomatoes, cream cheese and sometimes I even add a slice of onion:)

I am praying for those families of the Marines killed in Training! We know that pain in your stomach just waiting to hear that they are OK! I am sure those families are buried in grief!

I will keep your Justin in my prayers as he travels around on his tasks!

Love to you and prayers for all!

Lisa notes... said...

I always think about you, Julie, when I hear of Marine stories. That is such a sad one. :-( My heart breaks for the families. Thank you for always bringing them to the forefront so we will remember to pray. You're such a special mama to the Marines!

Have a great weekend.
Love you!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Dear Julie,
I did not know about this crash. I will say prayers for them and their families.
On a lighter note, my favorite breakfast would be ordering eggs benedict or crab cakes benedict at a restaurant! I am not a big breakfast eater, but if I do love bagels and lox with a tomato and capers! My college roommate first shared it with me years ago and I have loved it ever since!

Hope you will join me at The Polohouse for Favorites on the First linky party! This coming month the theme will be... Share your Favorite Vignette in your home!

See you there if you can make it!

Alison :)

Anonymous said...

oh Julie after I heard of this crash early in the morning after saying a prayer for these fine young men I thought of you and knew what paryer warior you would be for them. Oh how I wish each and every family knew you and what comfort you could bring to them. I say a prayer for Justin and for my Jeff each and everytime I think of them or see a Marine or anything that reminds me of a Marine. nancy

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's a healthy and yummy breakfast.
Have you tried cashew butter. We started buying that instead of peanut butter and it's very good and good for you.

Right now my favorite breakfast is a fruit and veg smoothie.