Wednesday, February 1, 2012


HERITAGE - relating or referring to something one has come into possession of as a right or a divine portion, usually from an ancestor...a passing on to the next generation...

Recently I did a post on old mirror trays...a personal "like" of mine. In one of the photos I remarked that the tray was on what I think of as my "Heritage Photo" table. It is in the dining room here in Cedar Rapids.

All of these pictures are special. A few are "favorites." Amongst all the thoughts that circle in my mind when I glance at these photos.... of what it was like back then, the world situation, the economy (depression years), wars, childhood play, family life...the ONE thought I always end with is GRATITUDE for the Heritage of FAITH that is represented in those lives pictured there.

I have more pictures, but all will not fit on this table, so there are three generations represented for now.

These two men are great grandfathers. (on my paternal side)
professor - my Papa's dad

train conductor - My Grandmother's dad

Men of faith - passing on the Christian faith they knew and practiced to my grandparents.

my Dad's mama - "A Favorite" of mine. she was so precious! curls and ruffles - born in 1900.

a young woman with her parasol

on her wedding day - she looks like a China doll, such a petite little thing. *another Favorite!

my Dad's Dad. born in 1896. (looking like he's trying hard not to smile) Angus Robertson Shaw, Jr. In this line lies my Scotch-Irish heritage. :-) Maybe that's why I like Tartan plaids, Scottish Terriers, and Irish Brogues so much????????

my what looks to be a pram... - born in 1934. still alive and well today!

My dad and his brothers. Robert (Bob), Richard (Dick) , and Angus III (Trey)
*another favorite - love all the sailor outfits for this photo and the shared reading.

MY Mama's Mom - a college graduate photo, I think. so pretty. Frances (Frankie) I was given her name as my middle name. :-) Loved her immensely...a farmer's wife.

MY Mama as an infant. always the smile...always. she went to be with the Lord Thanksgiving 2010.

There are more. I am thankful to all of them for a foundation of Faith - for teaching Christian principles and Biblical values to their children...salvation in Christ Jesus. Where would I be....really!?? - if not for them....All of us who have children walk this same generational path of raising children and passing on a legacy of something greater than ourselves. I hope that as my four treasures walk this same path on earth, that when it comes time to make the choice, they will continue the legacy to be men and women of God, pass it on, and be on a future generation's Heritage Photo table.

an entry into my e-Journal today. With a heart of gratitude for my heritage of godly men and women.

Hugs to all my blogger sisters today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Dianna said...

Such a precious precious post, Julie. You are blessed with such a wonderful godly heritage. I love it that you have all of those wonderful pictures, that you display them and that they hold such a treasured spot in your heart.

Theresa said...

Oh how precious! My pictures (past and present) are one of my most prized possessions! Love your display my friend and YES, I am getting mighty excited:) HUGS and PRAYERS!

Sandy said...

I think it's wonderful that you have all of these precious pictures of your family members. I love them all and the display there in your home is so beautiful, a touching tribute.

Julie Harward said...

These are each so beautiful Julie...and I know how you feel about them, my mom gave me a bunch of original pictures of her/my ancestors. I have the framed and on a wall, they are huge and I love them so much. I always have said; "When we know who they were, we will know who we are." :D

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, I so enjoyed
this post, Julie! I
smiled at your dad
and his brothers in
their sailor suits ~
precious little boys,
all three ~ as my own
dad {1939} is the
eldest of five boys,
and they have a similar
picture in similar outfits!
What a beautiful family.
I need to steal some
space for a heritage
wall in our home. I
don't have enough
horizontal surfaces to
do the job justice!

Happy Thursday,
xx Suzanne

PS: Just looked up
Cedar Rapids.....just
220 miles from Mpls.
I'm thinking road trip
in the spring??

Lili said...

You are so lucky to so many treasures from both sides of your family. I really enjoyed seeing these photographs and I must say I see hints of the family resemblance in a lot of them. I love that you have an area dedicated as a heritage is such a wonderful idea and inspires me to see if I can gather some more pics from our heritage too. xo ~Lili