Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinking Spring....

SNOW on the way...again...I should look back and see how many times I have posted or Facebooked "It's snowing in Cedar Rapids..." since November of last year!! A mild winter it may have been - but I can't remember having so many incidents of snow in one Wintertime in my life! This being NO surprise since I lived in the South my whole life up to this past year...

Up to 6 inches forecast between this afternoon and tomorrow sometime...AND IT'S MOVING EAST! But it doesn't look to be moving towards my Peeps....SORRY Kit Kat...but don't give up... Keep the Faith! :-)

I'm going to move away from all this Winter WHITE stuff and have warm happy thoughts about COLOR!!! A Warm Summery Peachy Color...and a Beautiful Cerulean Sky Blue Color.

WHITE is so calm and neutral in our lives....Clean, like freshly fallen snow...BUT! ~ Sometimes TOO much white can almost seem sterile. I NEED my color!

This sweet little pop of color in my nest is another example of a serendipitous find...not EVEN looking or searching for it, but when in a thrift store one day...there it sat. And I reach for it, simply because my eye is delighted by the COLORS.

Do You SEE it???

Four cup and saucer sets. SO pretty...loved the glazed look...**(LOL..when my eyes saw the price...{$1.38 each} EYES were probably glazed over more than the finds) A woman walks up to me and gives a thumbs up and says, "THOSE are HIGHLY collectible...awesome find"... REALLY? I reply...She gets upset that the name for it has slipped her mind, as she deals in antiques, but I don't mind.

On the drive home, I tell myself to send a pic and ask Nancy, my Marine Mom sister- Go-To gal about anything like this. She knows something about EVERYthing. (All I know is that it is lovely, and is stamped Made In Japan, in red on the bottom) She WILL know what it is called. LUSTREWARE she responds back to me...right away. OH! I have heard of that for sure...just don't keep up with it. Nancy says I Did GOOD! Okay, that's solid confirmation.

And so a DEAL....a POP of color...a Thrifted Treasure graces the nest. And Serendipity visits again.

If you are anywhere in the Central Plains or the Midwest these next two days....and you get hit with a wall of white....think SPRING...warm juicy peaches...

Beautiful blue skies with white lazy puffy clouds floating across, and YOU...sitting in the sun, soaking up some RAYS and Vitamin D...maybe sipping on some good old-fashioned homemade Lemonade...

I Know that's where I'll be. Let the dawgs have their romps in the snow...I'll be smiling at their frolics as I dream of patches of flowers in my yard.

Snow in your back yard? STAY WARM!

Sun on your back? Soak some in for me... xoxo


Theresa said...

Beautiful find my friend! I love those colors! No snow here where I am, I think it is going to be 76 degrees! I just walked up to the mailbox and it feels like a Springtime day out there!

Simple pleasures ARE best! Have a blessed day, take lots of pictures of the snow for those of us not getting ANY! HUGS!

Julie Harward said...

You know, I am not sure that I noticed that her wing was a butterfly wing...thanks for telling mt that! I love your set of lusterware cups, they are beautiful. I have an angel and a tall vase that is made of this, so pretty. Oh how I would love some sun on the back of my neck right now, it is so so cold her today with a howling wind! (OK, now I will try to prove that i am not a robot!) ;D

Julie Harward said...

That is funny..but guess what, you are not the first one to not know! HUGS! :D

Sandy said...

More beauties for your nest! No, no snow here, in fact it's 70 and sunny. I sat out on the deck and it was wonderful. HOWEVER...I am still hopeful for at least one snow before spring really sets in.

Tete said...

Love your Japan finds. Anything printed Made in Japan in red is from Occupied Japan, so its older. Just so you will know.
Have never seen any of these little tea cups without a design on the side. Love them.
I am with you- I love color! I have so much color in here. I have no idea how to do white, even though I love looking at it and wish I could do it sometimes. Just not me.
And I want many colors!
Enjoy the white stuff- we are going to have thunderstorms and rain.
Its been an easy winter, at least you have had a break in between the snows. Its usually white all the way through. It comes and stays.
Done any 20 below yet? That's fun, too!
Have a great day!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

You really have fabulous luck thrifting! Those are gorgeous and so totally something I would have bought.

It is so hot here I had to turn on the house fan...I want to turn on the AC! A cold front is coming in tonight so it should be cooler tomorrow. Yay! I can't take all this heat already!

Lili said...

That is such a striking color combination Julie and I remembered as soon as I read it what they were too! Before that I kept thinking carnival ware which I know is very different from that. But anyway, I'm feeling for you with all that white stuff. Who'dya thought Maine would be without any this time of year. But we are expected to get a bit tomorrow, unless it turns into rain again of course. Keep your chin up and soon you'll be celebrating for having survived your first Winter in Iowa! Sending warm hugs your way Julie. xoxo ~Lili