Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Possible....Really...

It is Wednesday - February 22, 2012. The high for today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is 50 degrees..... FIFTY!!!! Woot! (can't move away from this statement without reporting that there is snow and freezing precipitation forecast again for tonight...but we shall take what we can get...A mild winter here - as well as for the rest of the nation, from what meteorologists are saying)

Monday night I walked to Bible Study. It meets in a home on my street. A group of 8 fabulous girls....studying, tackling, tearing apart the works and words of Beth Moore. Using Scriptural study to learn about BREAKING FREE of strongholds on our lives that we may or may NOT be aware are affecting us today. Cycles ~ Patterns ~ Baggage ~ Attitudes....oh my... It is GREAT stuff...difficult at times...emotional at times. but GOOD.

Okay - now where was I? oh yes...(sometimes I digress in my posts...yep)... SO I walked to Bible Study just a few houses down...And when the study was over and the door was opened...SURPRISE! Snow everywhere...and so I walked home with white wet snow falling all around me...only porch lights was nice.

The next morning there was only a little evidence that it had snowed the night before....NOW THAT is the kind of snow I like. :-)

Just for fun...I am posting a blog today with my peeps in mind...the ones over on the Southeast side of the USA...who are experiencing 65 -70 degree days...

Hey gang... this one's for you....Do you remember this STUFF???

March 1, 2009.

**oh my...a lot of memories and emotions flood over me looking back at these photos from the Cottage on Woodberry.....

Enough of THAT! peeps...SNOW CAN HAPPEN in North Carolina...even as late as MARCH FIRST!!!! don't give up yet. :-)

One OOO-RAH statement to end this post...

The ticket is purchased.

The Marine is coming to Iowa...oh it will be brief and bittersweet....but we will enjoy every moment of it. I hope he does too.

HUGS to ALL!!!


Sandy said...

Beautiful! Well, if I am remembering correctly, our big blizzard in 92-93?? came in April!! My boys were just tiny guys and Seth couldn't even walk in it because it was so deep! It was the most snow I'd ever seen. So, I am still hopeful even if it is going to hit 62 here today!
So glad you found a Bible study right there in your neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

I remember a pretty substantial snow on the second Saturday of March in Charlotte a while back. Froze the blossoms off the Bradford pears and a bunch of other stuff, too. Yes,it can happen!
In Jesus, Paula

Theresa said...

Snow is sure pretty, especially when if falls and doesn't cause any trouble! I can't wait for your Marine to spend some time with you and Kurt! I know that those hugs are gonna be so sweet!

Enjoy your day my friend, I am happy you have made friends in your new neighborhood! With the price of gas these days... walking somewhere is wonderful! HUGS to you dear Julie!

Tete said...

Glad you have a study group that makes you think! The walk home was just for you.
My kind of snow, too. Dh and me used to go for walks in snows like that in the middle of the long ago.
So, when is that boy due in? Make sure you get all the hugs in you can. And don't forget the cookies! They all love mom's cookies!

Privet and Holly said...

Our three inches from
Monday is still with us.
Kind of shock after such
a mild and brown winter!

SO happy your boy is coming
home to Iowa. That will be
one very special time : )

Love and hugs,
xx Suzanne

Julie Harward said...

That is the kind of snow I like, we have had only one snow storm this year! I cannot wait to see pictures of his homecoming...I am getting excited! ;D

Lili said...

Oh now, Julie you have to admit that is mighty purty! That is such exciting news about your son's upcoming visit, maybe even enough to keep your mind off the white stuff, huh? xoxo ~Lili