Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's FAVORITES Feature

It's Friday! Today I am picking an "edible" for one of my Friday Favorites. For the last year, I have been working on my eating and exercise habits. I have been concentrating on my goals to get healthier and to be in better shape entering this midlife season!

During this whole year of learning to cut back and cut out certain foods, there has been one SNACK that has become my GO-TO regular EVERY SINGLE DAY...If I run out...I am LOST!!!! I literally HAVE to go get more.

Baby Carrots! No Kidding. ;-)

I am addicted to them. Every morning I set them out on the counter, put an ice cube or two on top, and every night I stick them back in the frig. (refilling as needed)

They are crunchy, and a little sweet, and filling, and obviously healthy for you...and I haven't turned orange....(yet).

Every two weeks (payday) I go to Sam's Club and buy two of these 3 pound bags of baby carrots...and that's about right around the time that they run I know I must be eating a lot!! (but just to set the record straight, Gideon helps me. He LOVES carrots, too!)

That's my FAVORITE for Friday and I wouldn't want to have to get through a week without them!!!! :-)

And in closing, for any canine lovers out there, you know how special our furry family members can be...I am asking if you might would say a little prayer for Kobe and our new Vet here in Cedar Rapids. He is going in early Friday morning to have a growing benign fatty tumor removed, and it shouldn't be too serious a procedure, but it is always the administering of anesthesia to a dog in his older years that can make one worry. The older they get the more dangerous it can be to put them under with it. So I just want everything to go okay for our Kobe man....we Love him so much.

Thanks so much. Everybody have a Fabulous Friday. We have snow coming in for the here we go again.... HUGS!



Dianna said...

Awww...poor Kobe. I will be praying for him ...and you...this morning, Julie dear.

And yes, welcome home to another Marine home safely!

Still praying for Justin...

Sandy said...

I prayed for dear Kobe. Want a report as soon as possible, please.
Praise God for another fine solider returning home!
My Toby and me love carrots too.
Have a fun snowy weekend.

Lili said...

Oh thank goodness Kobe is fine now having gone through the anesthesia...I used to worry about it too when we still had our furbaby. I remember one time they administered a little too much and he didn't wake up for a long time and we were so nervous, but happy to report he lived a good long life for a rotty...14 years. xo ~Lili

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Glad Kobe's surgery went well! I know it's nerve wracking. We used to always be so worried about Maxie whenever he had to have surgery plus he was a bad patient.