Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Waxing and Waning

Today is simply an entry into my online "E-journal"....thoughts coursing through my mind and coming from my heart....

It is February 8, 2012, a Wednesday. It is chilly and the sun is rising outside. Temperature is 22 degrees. Some snow flurries yesterday, not amounting to much. The streets are white. The leftover of the past snow is almost gone. The pups don't mind the windchill.

It has been five days since Kobe's surgery and he is doing well. No more pain meds. The three dogs are with me in my room as I usual.

I am listening to Adagio for strings as I journal. ~ such a moving piece. I am grateful for beautiful music to listen to.

Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 78 years old. He doesn't act or look it, so it is hard to comprehend this fact. He stays active and busy. I am sad that I will not be there to help celebrate the occasion. Usually this always involved a chocolate cake. I miss seeing him. **of course he is playing a golf game today...continuously taking advantage of the warm weather still happenin' in NC...60's....

this time last year...Triple layer chocolate cake...

I am missing communication with my Marine. Sea training off the coast on a Naval ship with soldiers and sailors from other countries. Usually I will have texts from him when the signal is good, but his brand new phone was stolen from his truck the night before they boarded ships to leave, so this time I am not hearing from him....:-(

My Kit Kat girl texted me a few times and called Monday to get some instructions about the way I prepare asparagus and baby spuds...she is cooking more and more lately because she is motivated a "beau" in her life ...*would love to meet him. Nothing more motivating for a gal to brush up on culinary skills than to have a man's stomach to please... ;-)

Stir fry

Missing both my girl and Jonny too. Try to touch base every week to keep up with them. Happy that they live together.

a photo Kat sent of Jonny - wearing a shirt she bought for him.

Kam had another out-of-town game last I did not see him until LATE. (**they won!) Sometimes it is close to midnight when he opens the back door and I have gone to bed...I will be glad when basketball is finished!!!

Number 33 is missed at home!!! (Did have a home game Saturday. The regular season is about to wrap up and then finals begin...first game at home!)

Carrot please...mommy?

Divine Double chocolate cupcakes - oh my rich...

Watched this Reece Witherspoon chic flic Monday night. It was good. A comedy love story.

Can you say Serendipity??? Found the twin to the Toile Neck Roll pillow... one year later, 1000+ miles away... in a different thrift store. THIS is why I love is a veritable smorgasboard of surprises... Now the settee is complete!

There are days...I am happy to surrender to "faux" flowers for the cheer they bring in the Wintertime. See that snow still frozen out there?

Ending with a thought for Today...

hugs and hearts....


Theresa said...

I am so sorry about the stolen phone :( That is just too sad! Our Justin had IPods stolen on the 1st deployment! He will call you as soon as he can, that we are sure of!

I can't believe that you found that second pillow, you are one lucky shopper!

Happy Birthday to your Handsome Daddy! I know that you will get to talk to him and give him a virtual HUG!

Plan a trip down there to see them all, I think you need it:) Have a blessed day my friend, BIG HUGS and prayers!

Privet and Holly said...

Everyone seems
including you,
which is great : )

BUMMER about the
cell phone. That
thief stole more than
a phone, huh? So
sorry about that....

Sunshine is pouring
in as I type. Sending
you hugs!

xx Suzanne

Sandy said...

Loved catching up with you and yours today. Glad Kobe is doing well again and that your girl has a beau. Exciting stuff! Jonny looks sweet in his shirt and your snow is pretty to me. We actually had a few flurries here this morning but then the sun came out.

Lili said...

Awww it must be so hard to be away from your Dad and 3 of your kids. Yay for Kat's new beau, boo for the person that stole the communication venue from you and your son. I like the bow around your cake dish and of course I'd love a cupcake too. That is too cool about finding the toile pillow twin. The snow is very pretty there and it makes a nice backdrop for your pretty interior shots! xo ~Lili

Julie Harward said...

I love that your daughter is calling for recipes, I love it when mine do that too. Very cool about finding that pillow! Your life is full of love and is good!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Wow! Can't believe you found that pillow! Meant to be.

How awful that someone stole his phone!!! What is wrong with people. I'm sure you'll hear from him soon.

Happy birthday to your Dad! I hope I'm out playing golf(err thrifting) when I'm that age.

Tete said...

You had much on your mind this day. Missing your kids, even the one with you. They are a great bunch. Happy Birthday to your dad! He is only a year older than mine, but he is in a lot better shape. Eric is home on leave! They are so excited to have him home. He gets to spend valentines day with his girl. Then he goes back and comes home for good in June.
They have been posting photos on facebook. Its so good to see him without a gun!
Love that you found the mate to the other pillow! That was meant to be. God smiled on you that day.
Glad Kobe is doing great.
All 3 on mine are doing so good.
Bebe, who had the 13 teeth pulled, tried to play with his chew toy last night. When he went to shake it side to side, it flew out of his mouth across the room! Poor guy needs to toughen those gums up a bit!
The boys who got deballed and declawed are out of the kennels now and trying to figure out what they can and can't do. They are all on antibiotics still, but seem to be feeling pretty good and playing. Starting to get into stuff again.
We have 3 more to go in for shots, wormed and flea stuff. Waiting until this snow that's coming passes!