Friday, February 3, 2012

Kobe is HOME...Resting.

The cowboy dawg is home. He had a tough day. Very happy to see "mama" coming to pick him up.

Thanks for prayers! It is awesome to know there is a community of caring sisters in our lives both near and far... not only in our actual physical world but in the virtual blogger world too. What a blessing.

Hugs to all. Have a great weekend.


Dianna said...

Message for Kobe:

Rest well, Kobe. I know you are getting excellent care!

hugs to mama ;-)

Tete said...

I am so glad Kobe did ok! Been praying for that furr baby! He is so sweet. Are you getting snow again? We are in the 40s, so its all rain, but a bit soupy out there. Have a good weekend babying that big boy!

Sandy said...

Please give that sweet guy a big (but gentle!) hug from me. Thanking the Lord for his good recovery. He looks adorable in that tee!

Lili said...

Oh no! I need to get caught up to see what's been going on. So glad to at least see Kobe is fine and resting. xo ~Lili

Theresa said...

Sweet resting baby:) Love to you my friend and thanks so much for cheering us on from way across the Country! Nobody understands how this feels unless you have witnessed it first hand! I am overjoyed this morning! About to go have breakfast with Justin and the crew! His choice... Cracker Barrel:) Love you to pieces! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! HUGS!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I'm sure he's happy it's all over and that he's home!

Privet and Holly said...

Yay, so happy that
he came through the
surgery and is back
at home, where I am
certain he will be
up and at 'em, soon!

xx Suzanne