Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teddies and Roses Tuesday

Do you remember when Teddy Bears were the number ONE toy for Christmas gifts and stockings??? Every great-grandchild that entered into my Grandmother's family Christmas celebrations got a Big Teddy Bear!!! It was expected! :-)

I have always loved these antique worn looking Steiff bears...

And then you have your Boyd's Bears that have a little more fluff and fur to them, but still look pretty real.

And how about this Terry John Woods sweet Blue Bear???? OH I would love to have a blue bear...*('specially one made by Terry...but I think all of these are a BIT out of my budget!)

Well...enough dreaming about precious Teddies...

Let me introduce you to Rosie...

This worn little girl wearing a faded cotton-candy pink felt hat with roses was somehow discarded...She ended up in a Salvation Army store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa...all 15 inches of scruffy fur and sparkley black eyes...

She was not with the toys and children's items. She was on a shelf up front with a bunch of odd and end items. Lying on her back...But I saw her paws sticking straight up on the table...they were acting as a magnet, pulling me over...I went and saw this precious little well-loved face looking straight up at me.

"Well,this little bear was just meant to come home with me"...said I!

She was destined to grace the ROSE guest room. She will be the lovliest feather in there.

Here are a few of the twigs and fluff in this unfinished "Thrifted" room that are building it's personality...

This Rose painting on a unique textured canvas... (Salvation Army Store, also)

and this vintage Roses print. (Matthews Thrift Store - NC)

And this large pink Tole tray with white roses...not too shabby...a little scratched and a bit worn, but still lovely. (Goodwill Store - Cedar Rapids)

This is the only piece of my Grandmother's Kitchen Rose China that I have...one large platter. I feel privileged and blessed to have it. I still remember the dishes in her cabinet.
She was the Farmer's wife. She loved her flowers...and oh how I loved her...

I think Rosey adds the PERFECT touch to a room I hope will feel like it is from a by-gone era. I wasn't LOOKING for a worn out Teddy Bear for the room. She just appeared out of the blue one day with that sweet little Hat of Roses, and there you have it.... It is FUN to slowly put together a room by waiting and watching for just the right treasure to be discovered to complete the project. Life is about waiting....

How about you?

Do you have an OLD or at least WORN Teddy Bear sitting around somewhere in your house...showing signs of love, and hugs, and cherished wear-and-tear by little arms carrying it everywhere????

Hugs and Roses to all dropping by.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.


Deila Taylor said...

no teddy bears, but I do have my grandmother's china, well two plates is all. I love them though!

Theresa said...

I have lots of Teddy Bears around my house, some old, some newer:) I have one that sits on my bed that was made out my Mom's chenille bedspread! I adore it! My Sister had them made for each of us after my Mom passed away:) SWEET!

Love yours that you are adding the the ROSE guest room, she is precious!

Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Sandy said...

I have been a teddy bear collector for a number of years now. Not sure just how many I have but they are all over the house, though mostly downstairs now in my arts/crafts rooms. I have the back of a sofa in the downstairs bedroom filled with tiny bears. A couple even resemble your "Rosie" bear. To me bears are just so sweet and comforting. Your girl is darling.

Julie Harward said...

I feel bad that I miss so many of your posts...I love your Rosey and she is the perfect touch for that room that is full of treasures. I had a chocolate brown Teddy, just like the little girl in the first picture. I remember that my mom washed it in the washer and his stuffing went flat! I remember sitting on my dad's lap just crying and being so mad at my mom for harming my Teddy! LOL

Privet and Holly said...

She is adorable and
you are absolutely
right about a room
coming together
over time. Your rose
room is going to
be so lovely!

I was just thinking
yesterday how little
girls don't really drag
their dollies around
anymore, either. My
girl was stuffed animals,
all the way, and still
loves them, as does
my 4 year old niece.

Happy Tuesday. Wonder
if you got any snow? It's
a mix of rain and snow
here, as I type.....

xx Suzanne

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The bear with the hat is so adorable! Love the rose prints too!

Lisa notes... said...

I have a white teddy bear that hangs on the corner of my dresser. Your collection is adorable! I hope I have a granddaughter one day to share things like this with.

Love you, Julie!

Tete said...

TEDDY BEARS RULE! I love Rosey! I would have brought her home,too. I love bears. I had many at one time and have let the majority of them go over the years, but there are still those I have hung onto. Maybe its time to bring them out again...
Hope you are having a great and warm day! We are in the 60s! Beats snow and ice any day!

Lili said...

Our first Grandson's name is Michael Boyd...so it was only fitting to gift him with a Boyd teddy bear at birth! Love how your room is coming together with your Grandmother's gorgeous rose platter and those pretty rose prints you found. Rosey has some pretty nice surroundings for her new digs, how sweet she is with her floppy hat. xoxo ~Lili