Friday, October 21, 2011

Claiming My Space....

Every Friday I check in to LaurieAnna's blog to see her Vintage Farmhouse Friday party and all the participants' pretties...just because I love farmhouses.

Today I really really liked her post. In it she said, while she was appearing on the Nate Berkus show that Maya Angelou had said,

"When people plant flowers in window boxes it means they are claiming their space."

She thought it was a lovely sentiment, and I absolutely must agree. It warms my heart to read her observation and pondering of such a simple act performed by many women.

Flowers bring cheer, color, nature, and homey-ness to a house. Now, below you will see that a flower box came built-in with this new nest, and the impatience are still going strong - even after a low of 29 this morning. Tough little flowers. **being placed where there is a roof overhang may help a little!

Since I could not plant in it yet, I worked on another little spot of this "porch" to claim my space here in this home on Thunderbird Road in Cedar Rapids.

Next to the front door I placed some pieces that make up my own little snap of FALL flavor - an autumn vignette if you will. It says This Southern girl has taken up residence here, and this is a part of what makes me.....ME! The bottle holder and vintage milk bottles holding the flowers used to be in my previous kitchen on the island, but are now outside!

The two nests on the small urns were each sitting empty on top of different gutters at the front and back corners of this NEST of mine. Kurt and Kam knocked them down for me and they now grace the cart holding rose petals. Those red roses were a bouquet of a dozen - given to me by my cherished hubby on Oct. 11th. the 33rd anniversary of our first date...He makes me feel loved...

And so that is what I share today. I am claiming this home, day by day, space by space, nook by nook....making it a special and familiar place for my men to come home and feel comfortable, accepted, and loved. Hopefully, visitors who drop by will feel the same. I am very very glad to be here.

God is good.

I hope that you have a special place, or a task or act you are doing this season to claim your home once again as YOUR SPOT...letting others who pass by get a glimpse of who you are and spreading a bit of cheer or a smile.

Everyone have a pleasant weekend and cherish your family and friends. You yourself are special and whatever you do to share yourself with others is a gift!

Hugs to all bloggy sisters. Thanks for prayers for our military heroes...


Dianna said...

Love what you've done to claim your space, Friend. Those bird nests are precious...and you know how I feel about old milk bottles. ;-)

Sandy said...

Wow! You are busy making your nest lovely
for sure. I feel the same way about the
window boxes. My patiens are still holding
on too. So good to be able to have such
gorgeous pinks all over my front yard.
Hope you have met some good neighbors

Tete said...

Julie, I love it that you are claiming your space. Everything is beginning to look like you. I am claiming my living room today. It had been taken over by dust bunnies. I waved my magic swiffer wand and they have been bannished!
You know, when everyone flocks home, it's not all the stuff they come home to. Honey child, it's you. You are the heart of the home.
Hugs- Tete

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing how you are turning that house into your own home sweet home. Thanks for keeping your buddies in the loop with your blog!
In Jesus, Paula

Theresa said...

Oh my friend, you sure have claimed your space when you walked thru the door:) I know that your sweet home is just OOZING with love! Your porch is perfect with the decorations!

Hugs to you and much love and prayers!

Julie Harward said...

HI there...I have missed you so much! I have been catching up on your glad to see that you are settling in at the new home, it looks just lovely. I too love how a woman makes a house a home and you are doing that for sure. We have not sold our home yet, but I am holding on to hope, waiting on my Lord, I know he will yet bless us. We are right now buying a little cottage home in the southern end of our state...going into the dark with faith, knowing He will be there. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for us please. We have been gone on vacation for about 11 days, so I am just getting back to all of this blogging. Sending you my love and hugs..sister Julie! ;D

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh Julie!!! the new nest looks so lovely.... love all the fall details, it is my favorite season and I miss it so much, but I have managed to find several mums ;) and now the reside on my deck.... I am so glad you are with The Man and happy Praise Our Lord, He is good, very good. Praying always for you and your family and of course all military personnel and veterans.

Love the big windows, they are my favorite and I know you will have plenty of cozy winter days by them. Oh how can I forget a 'Goodwill" near by?? exciting..... Have you ever been to the Thrifstore on Base? I got very good things there for a super cheap price..... I know the one in Camp Lejeune has great things well at least that was more than 10 years ago ;)....

Take care my sister, thanks for your prayers and kind words. Blessings in this new season of your life.

Debbi said...

I just discovered your blog through LauriAnna's posting and just wanted to drop a note to say you have been "favoritized"! I am blessed to find someone so openly Christian and proud of it. Sometimes I feel like the only one!! Oh, please tell your husband "Go Blue"!!