Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That Man Knows....

I arrived in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday September 27th. Before that first week was over, my honey had driven me around to get a feel for the city and where stores were for groceries, pet supplies, hardware, gas, etc...

And don't you know...YES, He knows me and loves me. He pointed out where the Goodwill was and the best way to get to it. I love that MAN!

The first trip out on my own was just a quickie, but I got a wonderful deal for Kam.
This awesome "just right" worn-in bomber leather jacket for this winter. He needed one and it is in excellent condition. ($5.00) Happy Happy Mama...

The second trip out (yesterday) I found two manly looking wool scarves for this winter when the Iowa winds and chill are blowing and biting.. (.98)

And of course when my eye spied this sweet little white bird all gussied up with swirls and embellishments, I knew right where it would land in the Living Room. Fits right in with feathering my nest and all things birdie...

I am adjusting and getting used to this city. The roads are ROUGH!!! The winds blow MUCH!!! The people are FRIENDLY!!! The Southern Girl is HAPPY! She is with her family in the nest again.

Right where I fit in best.

And I am finally with the Iowa man...all is well.

Have an outstanding day all visitors dropping by...Thank you for prayers for our deployed military heroes...They defend and protect our freedoms and lives here in America. I know they long to get back home.

My Marine isn't deployed at the moment, but is in training in a climbing area in WV, and sustained an injury in a fall, but being the determined cuss he is, he is still climbing and rappelling and using painkillers. Others have gotten banged up and some stitches... Thank you for praying for he and his group as they seek to complete this climbing course in the next week before returning to NC.

Hugs to all Bloggy Sisters!!!!


Dianna said...

Love having you back at sharing your world, Girlfriend.

Love your finds at Goodwill...what a special man to already have its location found for his Sweetie. Reminds me of something that Carroll would have done. ;-)

We continue to pray for our troops. There was a funeral yesterday for a soldier (guardsman) that died at the training camp not far from our home. I hurt for his family. May God keep our soldiers safe wherever they are as they give their all for our freedom.

Mom on a mission said...

You got some amazing deals!!! :) Have a great day.

Tete said...

Wow! Great deals and you know how that winds always blows- same here. Love the jacket! You are going to need heavier scarves for this winter, for sure. My grandma used to knit the warmest ones!
So glad you are finding your way around and I love that little bird. Winter will give you a chance for indoor things, like more shopping and eating out, trying all the eateries around you.
So happy for you that you are together again. I know it was a long wait and a lot of work to get to where you are. Praying for that boy and his climbing buddies. Hope he mends soon.
Hugs- Tete

Theresa said...

What a guy you have there:) He knows what you love! I bet he is SO happy to have you there with him! Enjoy! I will be praying for Justin! Blessings and hugs!

Sandy said...

So glad you are getting used to your new
town and yes, your hubby is very sweet to
show you the Goodwill! You found some
really amazing buys. Love the little bird!
So happy to have you back!

Lili said...

It just tickles me to hear the happiness in your "voice" being reunited with your Iowa Man again! And I highly recommend never living anywhere without a Goodwill nearby! xo ~Lili