Monday, October 31, 2011

M is for Merry Monday, MOO, Mackenzie Childs, and Marine Assault Climbers...

Good Morning to all my bloggy sisters out there!

I accomplished getting my NANCY NOEL print framed and hung this weekend. (used a frame I already had that just "fit" with its rustic look.) This one is of a lovely bovine with a precious little bluebird perched on her ear....titled Bluebell. Both of my grandfathers had for milking and one for beef...(so I feel like they are a thread woven into the family history of my life tapestry)...but I have always loved the Big Brown eyes and long eyelashes of those large creatures. Every NOEL print I have is a favorite.

Bluebell is right over my computer nook and I feel like she is LOOKING down at me. :-) love to look up and see that big face and the little bird...


I am very unorthodox in my decorating...any who drop by here know it!..I know. But it's for me, and it makes me smile and smile, so I think it may be okay around here. Glad my hubby understands.

I'm sure some of you have heard of Mackenzie-Childs products. I love to LOOK at their stuff, but it's OUT of my budget, so never purchased any...until a couple of weeks ago.
I saw this beautiful blue and white large bowl at the consignment store here in Cedar Rapids and recognized it as MC right away. $5.00 yes ...I grabbed up that bowl!

I brought it home and placed it under the floor birdcage. Love the checkerboard patterns on this company's wares.

I was tickled pink to find this treasure for a price I could much so I decided to fill the bowl with pink ornaments to match the morning glory pattern. (found the entire pink bunch at Salvation Army store last year for pennies.)

I am so so so thrilled to say my Marine has finished the grueling 6 week course and is graduating today in WV as a United States Marine Assault Climber.

*file photos

"If any troops were to come up for a beach landing which had a cliff or any sort of compartmentalized terrain that they need to overcome, they would be able to implement the assault climbers and make it to the top to set up lanes for their platoon and or companies to get to the objective in a more timely manner than moving around the obstacle. It is important if there is vertical terrain and the task to move gear in a timely manner -there is a need for Marines who are specialized to move it up. It will be beneficial in places like Afghanistan where you have to move a whole company up the mountain in a swift and efficient manner to out-maneuver the enemy who might not have that capability."

It was painful at times, and freezing at times, and very wet at times, but the group endured. They did what Marines all over the world do. They finish the task given, no matter what! I am proud of Justin and thank God for all our tough and committed military heroes for what they do, and their sacrifices and their "Do or Do Not, There is NO Try" attitude. GOD BLESS THEM!!

And so I say to all stopping by here today, Have a wonderful Monday to start out this week!

and to my Marine I shout out an EXTRA BIG

And to my other three peeps...

And to my awesome man...

BLESSINGS from God above who is in charge of ALL things. HE is always in control and always good, no matter what...

Walk with courage in that thought, and God will give you confidence!!!!



Dianna said...

Tears come to my eyes, Julie, when I think of how cold and rainy it was for so much of the time that Justin was here...and seeing these pictures (even though they are file pics) only increases my admiration and gratitude for what he endured to serve our country. Carroll has said so many times over the last couple of weeks that he wished we could have had Justin here for food and fellowship. Makes me want to jump in the car and ride those few miles up the river road to wave the American flag as this group of Marines head out today. You have every right to be proud of Justin, Julie dear.

LOVE the Nancy Noel print! Tell me...what is more beautiful than a Holestein? HA! Carroll would tell you Angus beef cattle! I grew up with Holesteins and have fond memories of what everyone called my "chore" of bringing the cows in for milking each evening. It was my favorite time of the day.

Congratulations on your beautiful MC find! And the pink balls are perfect!

Again...thankful for all of our military...especially those who trained in WV in unbelievable conditions. We drove down the road along the river yesterday afternoon and every time I would look at those mountains, I thought of Justin.

Privet and Holly said...

A merry Monday,
indeed, Julie! I've
just caught up on all
your posts. I haven't
moved in over ten
years and it's easy to
forget all the STUFF
that goes with it....
not the items that you
move, but all the stuff
you have to do after the
boxes are unpacked.
The hanging of pics,
the hanging of curtains,
replacing knobs, maybe
painting....and so much
more. Sounds like you
have taken it all in stride!
Your sweet rambler suits
you and I hope that Cedar
Rapids has been very
welcoming, so far!
xx Suzanne
PS: Congrats to Justin!
PPS: How is Kam adjusting
to his new HS?

Lisa notes... said...

My daughter would love to have a picture like that print. She's in love with cows lately. :-) Your home is so beautiful already. You have quite the knack for decorating! I'm totally deficient in that area. Sigh.

Congratulations on Justin's feat! I can't even begin to imagine doing ANYTHING at all remotely like that! But I sure thank God that there are young men who can and do. Thanks to all you moms too who raised your sons with that attitude and who sacrifice them for all of us.

Love you Julie!

Theresa said...

Go Justin! I am so proud of him! Please give him a big hug from ME when you see him and tell him that I am proud of his accomplishments!

Love your framed print, TOO cute! Sweet pink ornaments and that checkered dish is PRECIOUS!

Enjoy your day dear Julie, HUGS!

Julie Harward said...

Hi sweet Julie...I know how tough the training is, my husband talks about it sometimes..hope all is well with your son. I LOVE the cow print..cause I just love cows. Being raised on a farm, we used to ride on their backs as the entered into the barn, wild ride! Love all the treasures you find. Happy Halloween! :D

Anonymous said...

oh Julie you tell that Marine of yours just how proud we are of him!!! What a kid he is going to go so far in the Marines. I do believe he will make this his career and not a finer thing to do than this. I know this training is so hard on him but look at it this way he came out the other side better for it and he survived and thrived can't do any better than that. Now I hope he gets to come "home" to see his momma. What a proud momma you must be. nancy settel

Lili said...

Oh Julie you are settling in so nicely there and all your little touches add so much warmth to your place. Love those pink ornaments, what a find! Congrats to your Justin with his amazing resolve. xo ~Lili

Sandy said...

Hey Dear Julie!
I also love the Nancy Noel prints so much.
This one is so darling. We had cows on the
farm when I was a child.
I am proud of your wonderfully brave marine!
Hugs to you!