Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trusting God...Feathering a Nest....and HUGS.

Moving a household from one location to another is a job! When that move involves over 1000 miles of distance and travel, it is HUGE! Sometimes traumatic...but life is a journey. It is not static and all along the way, we encounter ups and downs, jolts and pauses, peace and trauma. What we do with all of those in-your-face moments is what makes LIFE...what it is...Day In and Day Out.

Trusting God all the way is the ONLY way ladies. Today I testify to this. I am here to tell you. He is the ONE you want taking care of and overseeing all of those moments. He designed your life therefore it makes sense, yes?

Putting a new home together is not something I want to do fast. I surely want to see it done, and have a place for everything and everything in its place, but once the basic unpacking is undone, the furniture is in place ...for now- ;-) - the tweaking and feathering begin and just can't be rushed. Today I am sharing a few things I have done to put my stamp on this house, beginning to claim the space, as I posted about earlier.

In the kitchen the knobs on the drawers were reaching out and grabbing Kurt and me (pockets, robes, etc) so I went out to Lowes and got different ones. The old ones were identical to the cabinet door pulls.

The old knobs then went on the island to make it "match" or blend in better with the cabinets here. The wood block overhangs the drawers enough that they don't GRAB us.
Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference. :-)

The following photos are just small gestures made...feathers added to the kitchen to make it MY nest...

Wooden carved arch added to expanse of empty space over sink, bunny and rooster heads up for holding towels, mini-chandy up, colorful glass Scotty trio on window sill, window swags added.

Above is a photo Kurt took and sent to me in Charlotte to show me the Pantry in the kitchen. It is very tall, reaches to the ceiling. The doors were quite plain and naked looking to me..(you know me and my "filling up the empty canvas" habits) After arriving, I happened to find a large wooden fork and spoon set at the nearby Goodwill. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Knew exactly where they would go when I laid eyes on them. Brought them home and painted them black. Hung them on the doors and then had Kurt put up the wall words that weekend. ( I am HORRIBLE with measuring out distance equally) These wall words I had found at my Goodwill in Charlotte over a year ago, and was just hanging on to them for the right time and place...yes! longer naked and forlorn looking... :-)

I have NO cabinets over my frig nook. but quite a bit of open space above it. I took my sitting Chef Rabbit holding his sparkly apple and sat him on a pedestal, surrounded by hydrangeas and twinkle lights (makes a GREAT nightlight in the kitchen), added two candlesticks and voila...Space is filled.

This two-faced clock had one side that got the innards busted and broken. I hung it just to the left of the pantry in the long back hallway. The other side still has a clock face and Kam can see it when he is in the family room doing homework. The broken side, I just removed the hands and printed and applied a graphic from "Graphics Fairy" that says Dog Biscuits (in French. they are at the bottom of the pantry and doggies know it!) works for me. :-)

This is wall space to the left of the breakfast nook or corner.

Last today, and MOST IMPORTANT, THE FLAG IS UP!! The one and only thing I have not been able to find after unpacking all boxes and looking in every corner and space is my flagpole!! In Charlotte - we had the 20 foot ground pole out front with the American and USMC flags spotlighted and flying 24/7. I had a regular 5 footer for the house in my walkin closet, but I can NOT locate it...(maybe left in the moving VAN?) oh well, I got another one at Lowe's this week and she is flying outside my kitchen window where she stays lit at night and I can see her all day. RAH!!!

If somebody asked...."Are we having FUN yet?" I would definitely say YES. I said goodbye to my sweet and memory filled cottage-on-Woodberry in Charlotte and have NOT looked back. I just brought the memories with me. Starting afresh making many many more memories here in this ranch-on-Thunderbird in Iowa. :-)

These are just a few peeks into my home to share that fun, and to let my peeps and friends back in Charlotte know I am alive and well and "still going strong!"

I will continue to share "I Spy" posts as I keep on tweaking and claiming the spaces...

Thanks to ALL who drop by just to say Hi and to let me know how YOU are doing. Hugs to each and every one wherever you are in this great nation. God bless you. God bless our nation, and God bless our troops scattered all over this world.


Mom on a mission said...

Love the pantry! Super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep those photos coming - it is so FUN to see how you are transforming a house into YOUR home!
- In Jesus, Paula

Dianna said...

I'm loving viewing all of these glimpses of what you are doing in your new home! Such a smart lady to take your time to do the feathering! I especially like the new drawer pulls you used in the kitchen...and how you used the old pulls in another area of the kitchen to tie everything together! You have such a good eye for what looks good! Hugs to you, Julie dear.

Theresa said...

Love your feathering... looking like YOUR home now:) Love the pantry beautification! It is now home with the Flag flying in the breeze!Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!!

Lili said...

Oh Julie I sure am enjoying your creative ideas! Love that 2 sided clock and the clever way you added the French accent to it! Your flag is a beautiful sight too on your pretty porch with the white railings! xo ~Lili