Monday, October 24, 2011

M is for Monday....Merry....and Marine Mom!

Here it is ANOTHER Monday! - that day so many people seem to dread because it means going back in to the old grind...the JOB!...a place they would rather not be.

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas time once again also! I thought about what our most common greeting is as we walk through that season...
MERRY CHRISTMAS! What does "merry" mean literally? According to Free On-Line dictionary...

1. Full of high-spirited gaiety; jolly; cheerful
2. Marked by or offering fun and gaiety; festive: a merry evening.
3. Archaic: Delightful; entertaining.
4. Old English - Pleasant

I think I shall try EXTRA hard to make it my goal, my mission to walk through my Mondays from here on out in a "merry spirit"....just because. No - I don't go to work or a job (not yet, anyway)but simply because Monday starts with an M, and Merry starts with an M...I shall remember it well. Mondays get a bad rap, and I so believe, and as my Marine says and lives out (which inspired the title of this blog)

Life is WHAT YOU Make of It!

So today I propose to all of you dropping by that you set out on a mission. Your task is to turn this Monday into a cheerful and delightful day by being pleasant to somebody else and then....carry on ....each and every Monday!

Now, I thought to end this post I would show a little nook in this 60's ranch. It is in the middle of the back hallway that leads to the bedroom wing. Just a niche with drawers for storage and a mirror covering the wall. (Different!)

I have for now taken the left side of this nook and made it into a Marine photo collage wall. It has pictures from Justin's tour in Afghanistan in 2010. **And of course it has the little chippy angel with the missing foot...Justin's designated Guardian Angel figure, to remind me every time I glance at it, that Jesus has my Marine's back, and angels are dispensed with the task to stay close.

One of my favorites is his silhouette that someone captured when he was out in the sand dunes.. wearing all of that confounded gear they must keep on for protection...packs, kevlar, flaks...weapons...machinery. That piece on his back is the heavy piece that scrambled signals when they were patrolling so that remotes could NOT send signals to set off an IED in their path. He said it killed the nerves in his shoulders..

I found the frame below somewhere!- can't remember where, but it is one of my favorites. In it is a print of a military figure kneeling in prayer and an angel hovering over him...below it, the caption says "Not Alone." I keep this image in my mind so much of the time when I am thinking of my Marine...and the others I pray for...ALL of them. I hope they will always remember that truly they are NOT alone...ever, and that guardian angels really do fly low and watch their backs...God is present - EVERYWHERE.

Hugs to all dropping by this post today. Wishing you a very MERRY MONDAY!!! Make it SO! Thinking of all of you today...spread across this nation of ours. Blogging is a treasure when you think about all the sisters you can connect with via this amazing internet... Have a blessed day. :-)


Sandy said...

I love your little nook and what you've
done with it, Julie. Justin is so fortunate
to have you as his mom. But then you are
also blessed to have such a brave and
wonderful son. Remembering him and all the
others as always.

Theresa said...

Merry Monday to you Ma'am! I love your home and that little nook is precious! I love how you made it such a sweet place to honor Justin! I am enjoying my morning, hugs and prayers!

Mom on a mission said...

I love this post! I started doing my weigh in on Monday mornings that way if I did good it would start my week off with a "BANG" and so far it has worked! Now I can't wait until Mondays:)

Joyce said...

I love that.... Merry Monday!!!! I am going to adopt it for our school! Thanks for visiting my blog and always posting sweet stuff! Love you, blogger sis!

Julie Harward said...

Mondays get a bad rap..they are a relief to me after busy weekends. Love your new out look and your cute nook..a happy stop for sure! ;D

Lili said...

What a great use of that nook. I love how you did that! xo ~Lili