Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Loveliness...

All Things Bright and Beautiful

~Cecil Frances Alexander

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colors,
He made their tiny wings.

The purple-headed mountain,
The river running by,
The sunset, and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;

The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden,
He made them every one.

He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell,
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well.

*from the tree outside ...

My dear Military Sister, USMC Sergeant Major mom, Nancy, informed me this was a Pee Gee Hydrangea that grows into a tree. THANK YOU Nancy...Kurt and I immediately googled and found out about them. Technical name - (latin) It’s real name is Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’, paniculata meaning upright and tall, grandiflora meaning large flowered.

They certainly are lovely, and I am happy dancing to have it in my yard here. God's creation in the flora world is simply breathtaking and indescribable.

Have a lovely Sunday wherever you are and enjoy the lingering flowers of Summer and Fall before Old Man Winter blows in...

Hugs to all...


Theresa said...

I am enjoying some flowers still blooming too:) I have hydrangeas but never heard of this one! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend! BIG HUGS!

Dianna said...

So so pretty!

Tete said...

So pretty! I need to look into that and see if we can get one here. Love your window and all the treasures under it!
Hugs- Tete

Anonymous said...

morning Julie so glad you are loving the hydranga I love them so much between our two houses I must have 25 bushes and love each and everyone of them, I have since I was a little girl. Pink knockout roses goes so well with them also, pink right up your alley!!! Hope Justin is on the mend and will be getting out to see his Momma real soon, I know the pain of missing them so much. Keep on posting love seeing your whole new world. Nancy

Lili said...

I simply ADORE peegee hydrangeas. I have 3 in my yard (plus a new limelight one that is gorgeous and very hardy too)! xo ~Lili