Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday is here again!

Time is flying...oh my! FRIDAY again!

I am still loving my pops of red - my favorite may have noticed in yesterday's post.

I grabbed a picture of this lovely out in the back yard. Mother Nature provided the pop with NO help from me. I am thrilled to look out the window and see it.

Does anybody recognize what kind of bush or shrub this is?

I have gotten my little computer nook (my own little place!) put together in the Master bedroom again. Glad there was space! And got the chandy up now.

The little white sparkly birds are once again hanging on it, but this time instead of just one strand of pearls (a long necklace) draped around the candlabra pieces, I took a very very long (9 feet?) Christmas garland of faux pearls and used it to embellish the entire fixture. Love the effect...more dramatic.

Then I took the necklace and just wrapped it around the cord leading up to the wall hanger. like it better than a fabric cord cover.

In front of me, at eye level, hangs this chippy vintage rose print. so lovely. I want to plant rose bushes here so badly. This is my inspiration through the upcoming winter. I found this treasure shortly before I left Charlotte at the tiny thrift store down the road for $2.00. Could NOT leave it in NC!

So that is just a quickie of a few things DONE - checked off the list for my computer nook. I am getting ready to work on a picture (frame it) that I will hang above the computer...that is an all time favorite from one of my MOST favored artists. Can you guess which one it might be? Of course the print has a bird in it...

Thanks for popping by! Hope your weekend is outstanding. We will be working on the house..even amidst the feathering fun, there is work and labor "FIX-IT" jobs to be completed in this 50 year old ranch. (purchased "As Is")

This would be the priority project right now. (spoiler alert)

YES!..this nest has a PINK TILE bath from the 50's and 60's era and it is absolutely STAYING PUT. (definitely part of the personality of this house, and I am already having fun playing with it) there was a leak at this spot over the tub Da Man is reworking and fixing her up! I love him. He is the best handyman ever. (of course my dad ranks right up there beside him:-)

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} Be safe!


Dianna said...

Hey there, Girlfriend!
Your beautiful red bush is called Burning Bush...hand painted by none other than The Master Himself. I have one on the bank that I can see from where I sit at the computer. It was gorgeous this year!

And would your picture you are going to hang in your computer nook be done by Nancy Noel? I know that she has been your favorite...I believe you said you've had her art work since before you had your kids?

I love what you've done with the pearl garland. I especially love the look of the pearls wrapped around the wiring. Not only is it beautiful, but functional as well.

Hugs to you...stay warm.

Mom on a mission said...

I love burning bushes they are so pretty!! Thank you for the encouraging words that you posted on my blog:) I would love it if you would become a follower:) Have a great day and God Bless!

Sandy said...

Oh you sure are getting everything all
prettied up! I would leave the tile pink
too. I love old houses and hate it when
everything is modernized.
I was going to tell you that you had
a beautiful burning bush in your yard
but Dianna already told you. :0)

Theresa said...

I love your computer nook, you are an excellent decorator! The chandelier is adorable! I love the pink tile, so much you can do with that bathroom! Go KURT, he is handsome and handy to have around too:) Have a blessed weekend dear Julie, thanks for always praying for my Justin! Love you to pieces dear friend!

Joyce said...

I love reading your posts.... always full of happiness and blessings. You are so upbeat and I just love you!

Lili said...

Love your pearl wrap around the cord, that is ingenious!! Also, that chippy rose print is WONDERFUL. It is so much fun to surround ourselves with beautiful things, always my favorite way to feel inspired. I see others have already told you about your beautiful burning bush, we have one too that got a little snow on it the other day, but it quickly melted right off! We had the very same tile (only aqua) in our last home and I too LOVED it! xo ~Lili