Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Waxes...Summer Wanes

Here at the entrance to this nest...there is a covered walk from the front door over to an entry door to the attached garage. Thus, a little front porch is created. It will be fun to see how this evolves over time. I'm seeing a narrow bench under the window box at some point. It is different having the kitchen view looking out the FRONT of the house, but I am liking it. Get to watch all the activity on our quiet street.

As Summer holds on, the impatience in the window box also tarry, giving cheerful color. I added a bright pop of sunshine yellow mum to announce Fall's arrival. Also different here - the mailman walks up to the door so no challenges getting the mail on inclement weather days. (I like that!)

I recall in a previous post this summer highlighting the hydrangeas at Woodberry Rd and hoping that Iowa could have that favorite plant of mine...NOT ONLY does it grow here, but God gave this gal a hydrangea plant formed and trimmed into a TREE over the years by some careful owner...It is right up front by the sidewalk and I can see it from the kitchen window...happy dance. There are also two rhododendron bushes in the back...MORE happy feet.

Enough for today...the last thing I would say is from the famous song recorded by Peaches and Herb...


Loving being with my man again...and yes he carried me across the threshhold as the moving van drove up. :-)


Hugs to all my visiting bloggy sisters. Have a wonderful FALL celebration this Saturday.

God bless our military men and women everywhere, and RAH to our Marines!!!

Good to be back!


Sandy said...

Yea!! Good to have you back, too! Looks like
you all found a darling place. Looking forward
to seeing more when you have time.

Dianna said...

So happy for you to have that gorgeous hydrangea tree in the front of your house.

So happy to have you back!

Love to you, Julie dear.

Tete said...

Lovin' that hydrangea tree! Love having the kitchen window looking out to the front. Just imagine all the little surprises you will have in the spring.
So glad you and your sweetie are together...for breakfast, supper, walks, and all the fun things you missed.
I know it's been a long time coming.
Have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh Julie what a beautiful place you have can't wait to hear more about it. The hydrangea tree is a Pee Gee hydrangea tree. I had one till a deer decided he loved it for a late night snack one night and nibbled all the bark off the entire tree!!!And we are only two blocks out of the city who would have thought a deer would be so close?I love those little trees. Can't wait to hear more news from Iowa. nancy settel

Theresa said...

Oh GIRL, I have missed you so much! It is great to have you back:) I love your new place and you will be creating beauty ALL around up there! GOD is GOOD ALL the TIME! Have a blessed day my friend and HUG your HONEY often:)

Lili said...

LOVE your hydrangea tree Julie! I got a small one for my BD this year that I absolutely love too. So glad you and Kurt are once again nestled blissfully in the same nest!xoxo ~Lili