Monday, October 17, 2011

Window Window on the Wall....

The living room here has a 10 foot span of windows...lost a lot of canvas to hang my wall art, but oh the view. Beautiful. I have already hung my bird feeders and placed a birdbath in the center of the yard. I shall enjoy the snowy scenes from inside my warm nest...Love it.

May today bring opportunities to find surprising joy in small things, and gratitude for simple gifts granted by the Hand of God. Smile. It will make somebody's day!

Hugs to all bloggy sisters dropping in. God is good. ALL the time.

Thank you for small prayers for our military heroes no matter where they are.


Dianna said...

Beautiful view, Julie. I especially like the blue bottles on the stand in front of the window. ;-)

I'm glad you are anticipating the winter views. That's saying quite a lot for a southern gal. :-)

Hugs to you, Friend.

Theresa said...

Beautiful views, I know that your home will be even more gorgeous as the last one:) AS IF that is possible! BIG HUGS and much prayers!

Lili said...

You sound like you are adapting really well there, already anticipating what the cooler weather will bring. Yes, it will be very very beautiful in the snow my dear! xo ~Lili

Sandy said...

Yep! I knew it wouldn't take you very long
to get everything all beautiful. You have
a really nice view. I would have gotten
my birds all feed quickly too. Love my
feathered friends. Hope your fur babies
are liking their new place.

Tete said...

That's a major amount of windows! You are so going to love it this winter when you are stuck indoors most of the time! Hope you are getting settled in and finding time to explore all the stores there. Looks like you are all unpacked...can't wait to see the rest of it.
The yard looks so nice and interesting. Many plantings to discover. Have a great week!

Mom on a mission said...

Amen!! I hope you have a great night!