Sunday, November 6, 2011

M is for Merry Monday, Missing , and Making a Moment

Another Monday??? time flies...It is your day to go out and change somebody's "I HATE MONDAYS! frown with one of these....

Linking up with Suzanne in her new "MOMENTS" Monday gathering... GO here to be inspired today. :-)

To my Jonny and Katie and Justin and Dad back in Charlotte and Jacksonville...(**Had a little tussle with homesickness on Saturday..)

Yesterday it was just so nice here in Cedar Rapids...we had some very cold winds this past week and some freezing when it got up to 60 with sunny skies, we jumped on it! After church we took off to a nearby park for a stroll with the dawgs.

There goes my lanky 17 year old...whom I cherish. He is studying hard in school and getting ready to play basketball...

My soulmate Iowa Man...I LOVE him to pieces.

And here's one of me, just to let you know....I AM okay. BIG changes happened in my life, but God was with me, and I DID survive. God is good.

We enjoyed "making a moment" together yesterday. :-)

I am so glad to be a family together again. Thanking God for that...and thanking Him today for my sweet blog sisters.

Have a very Merry Monday. God bless! Hugs coming across the miles...


Sandy said... these sweet family pictures, dear
Julie. Thanks for sharing them. Guess I didn't
remember that your daughter stayed in Charlotte.
I know you must miss all your kids not there with you.

Privet and Holly said...

I haven't lived near
"my side" of the family
since I left home for
college at 18. I've had
to get used to that ache
and I wish I could tell
you that it will go away,
but if you have loved
well, it never will, entirely.
But, as my mom always
taught us, bloom where
you are planted.....and
I can see that you are not
just blooming, but thriving!
Hope you are sharing this
gorgeous Monday weather
that we are having, down
south in Iowa! Thanks for
joining me at the water cooler
for Monday Moments, sweet

xx Suzanne

Theresa said...

Our HEARTS ache for those who live far away or are gone on to be with the Lord! I miss my Grandbabies that I don't get to see very often and just enjoy every minute I can!!!! You just need to jump on a plane and visit:) Get you some HUGS and your heart will feel much better!

I bet you and those two fellas are mighty happy together! BIG HUGS and love my friend!

michele said...

what a beautiful post and reminder. so glad i stopped by via suzanne's party!


Lili said...

Awww Julie, I know you are making the most of it there and you are with your Iowa man. Loved seeing that beautiful pic of you! xo ~Lili

Tete said...

Julie, what a wonderful day there! So glad that you and your family got to be outside playing with the doggies and just enjoying one of the final days of fall. I am so glad you finally got to Iowa and don't have to miss that man anymore!

Julie Harward said...

I just love how you love your sweet, and I'll bet that he is crazy about are so cute! I wonder if life ever gets through bringing us "changes"..perhaps not, because through them we do our best growing. Sending my love to you sister..say a prayer for us will you, about our house..we need to move on! ;D

Joyce said...

Even your doggies look happy!!!! Quite an adjustment for all! How is your teen adjusting to everything? Must be the hardest on him? I am so thankful for you and all your comments. About the lips...I used to chew the flavor out of them too....Lauren and Maddie thought I was gross telling them that! lol!

Sylvia said...

That 's right , our lives are made up of moments....this post is filled with optimism and happiness . I am so happy for you !