Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday Tweaking...

TWEAK - to make an alteration, to adjust, to fine-tune...



See the Tiny change? Tweaked the stool under the Living Room photo table.
Discovered this loooong white wicker basket at Goodwill here in CR and filled it with these ...

From fresh cut blooms in the urn to.....

dried bounty - in the basket



Two sconces - an accent added to "frame the nook".

I find it fun to "tweak" the nest...move feathers from HERE > to > THERE. Looking for the perfect resting spot.

How about you? Do YOU tweak? :-)

Fine tuning some spots with Thanksgiving lovelies???

{{{{{{Hugs to all.}}}}}

Sending showers of little hearts your way... Have a terrific Tuesday.

Thank you for saying a prayer for our heroes defending our freedoms and liberties here in OUR United States of America. God bless her. God Bless THEM!!!


Sandy said...

Yes, I do. My husband calls it "getting it just right." He says I do things over and over and over until I have them just perfect. I just enjoy decorating. Everything looks so pretty at your nest.
I opened an Etsy shop today and it's so much fun.

Tete said...

Love your piddle fartin' around! Love that long basket! Who would give that up? Not me!
That added umph just makes that shelf pop. Love your blacks...

CACHANILLA73 said...

Loved all your posts and pictures. I have been fighting this dreadful cold =(, I feel terrible, but just reading your posts and looking at your photos made me night =).... Blessings blessing and more blessings.... Always praying for you my dear sister, you Man, your kids, your Familia and all our Military Personnel and Veterans.

Hugs =)