Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Weekend Shadow Shot...and a Peek Into the Loo

Another weekend...ahh..a break from the tyranny of work, school, traffic, meetings. Life is SO DAILY!

Saturdays usually mean a Sleep-In for all those 8-5 people...but then there are all the projects and maintenance for those who own homes...or maybe more to the point... are owned by their

For me it simply means I get to have my guys home with me. RAH!- whatever work is done around here, at least there is good company. :-)

Just sharing a Shadow Shot created by the morning sun this week. This is Guest Room #1 in the bedroom wing. It is still in the works, but ready for a guest! (whenever we can get one way out here) Liking how it is evolving as it is tweaked.

And just for fun, a peek into the Master Loo...There was NO DOOR on the opening to the master all. Turns out I had two slim French Doors that fit the bill! And so I am feathering week by week. As Tete calls it, I am piddle-farting around the house moving things from here to there til they WORK! *This bath also has a vintage tile color from the 60'

Hope that each of you has a wonderful weekend with all your loved ones home with you from school or work or just visiting...Love, Laughter, Conversation, Good Food, it's all warm and fuzzy and sweet.

Happy November Weekend!

**Got a text from my Marine this am that his frostbite on his toes is just about healed up, and that NC is colder than IA...said we must be having a heat wave out here!!! ;-p

Hugs to each of you. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Lisa notes... said...

How wonderful to live in a time of texting! I know you must be thrilled every time you get words from your Marine. I thought about you all yesterday on Veterans Day, thanking God for your family and those like you all around our country. Love you Julie!

Sandy said...

Yes, we've had highs the last couple of days of 49! The highs! It was supposed to get down to 29 last night. Don't know if it did but it sure was
Everything looks pretty at your place!

Theresa said...

Oh Julie, your home is looking all gussied up:) I knew it wouldn't take you long to have it magazine worthy! Love that sweet guest room... looks amazing! Enjoy your weekend with the family, BIG HUGS and prayers for Justin's tootsies!

Tete said...

Just how we spent the weekend. But you won't believe what I did! Dumb thing- hurt my lower back scooting on the deck. Did that noon yesterday, so last night and today was take care of me day. Oh, well- we did eat good and I had to use the walker last night and this morning.
We had the warmest day but windy and it rained this evening. DH fixed the wheel on the old wheel chair, so we got 3 walks in. The wind has died down now and the next 2 days in the mid 60s.
Wanted to get so much done, but some other time. My guys and me. That's the best time.

Tete said...

Love your piddle fartin' around. Looking good!