Monday, November 28, 2011

Merry Monday ...Mountain Climber...Matthews Peeps, and Magazine Rack

Merry Monday to all. Your Mission:

Put that megawatt smile in gear and get ready to flash it to everyone you pass today! Sometimes the holiday season is not the brightest time of year for some is the darkest... give them a lift. Kobe will demonstrate to you with his ONE-PIC-TUTORIAL ...'kay?

Good job my Cowboy Clown!

While Justin was on Thanksgiving Leave in Matthews last week, he met up with an old co-worker from BJ's and they went climbing at Crowder's Mountain. When they got to the top, Jon took this pic of my Marine and I am grateful for it. It is already printed and framed in this nest. :-) Love the view, too!

*typical Justin...dirty legged and bleeding...he never notices...guys...

Then on Sunday afternoon, my Matthews peeps had a visiting cousin take their pic for mama. *(thanks Chris!) Always grateful for new pics...makes my heart burst.

Katie looks tinier than before, and part of it, no doubt is because she is, but the other part is because she is sandwiched between two HULKS!! wow those boys are getting big...Love my kids...

She's lookin' pretty safe right about now! lol...they're just messin' with her. it's what brothers do. :-) Lovin' it because the tough Marine is smiling!!!
****and Katie reminded me about getting to be an annual ritual amongst Jonny and his friends..AH! that's what's up with the Mountain Man beard. I forgot!!! Looking forward to December 1st!

Ending today with a "think outside the box" idea. This metal bath towel rack (Goodwill) has been stored for a couple of years. On Saturday, the light bulb popped on, and it found it's purpose! That would be on the wall by my side of the bed. I always have a stack of old magazines rising up, and have to dig and search to find the latest editions which get jumbled in the mix. (**anybody else have that problem?) NOW...I shall just hang the latest arrivals on this rack, so that they are there, when I am wanting to find them.

It's fun to think outside the box.

Hugs to all bloggy sisters visiting here today. Now - remember your mission! You don't want me to show up at your Blog Back Door tonight looking like this!!!!!

*and you KNOW I will!


Lisa notes... said...

I love today's mission. :-) I'll do my best to remember to smile! I'm taking my 16-yr-old to the oral surgeon this afternoon to talk about wisdom teeth removal, so that should remind me. ha.

My 19-yr-old niece said that the "no shave November" will lead to the "no date December." :-)

You do have some hulky boys! I'd feel safe with them around.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

NO dude is going to mess with THAT girl!!!
In Jesus, Paula

Theresa said...

SWEET younguns:) Love the pictures and I know that your daughter feels loved and protected! I hope that you have a blessed day my friend, LOVE the magazine rack! HUGS!

Dianna said...

Since I no longer blog, does that mean you will show up at my literal back door if I don't smile today? LOL I would love to find you standing there!

Loved the pics of your kids, Julie. My favorite was the one of the smiling Marine! ;-) Kat is tiny but she still has that same beautiful smile. Glad they could all be together to spend some time to enjoy one another.

Merry Monday my friend!

Sandy said...

I smile every day!! I have to because I just think of all those I love and I can't help but smile.
Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures. And I honestly thought my Seth and his buddies thought up the No-Shave-November thingie! Your son, too?! LOL
I see you have some of my very favorite magazines hanging on that pretty rack. Good idea. I need to try that.

Julie Harward said...

LOL Lots of cute here that doggie smile and the big muscled men, I would agree that sis is safe with two brothers like that! Love the re-thought magazine rack, great idea! :D