Friday, November 25, 2011

Mom..Love and Miss You

One year ago - November 25, 2010, my mama had her homecoming. She had to leave the rest of us, but she was ready. She is now healed and whole and HOME. Wish I could see her in her new "normal", eternal life...fully free of the cancer beast. I day. :-)

Sharing a special moment: I have stayed in touch with my dear hair stylist girlfriend back in Charlotte. Her house has been on the market for 8 months and had 2 contracts fall through. She wants to get back to Florida SO badly. I call her to check in and see what's happenin'. She went through MANY things with me and helped and encouraged me. Her mother also died of brain cancer a number of years back and she helped me through my mama's end days and passing. She told me on the phone this past week that she was going out to buy a special candle to light in memory of her mama on this Thanksgiving Day, starting a new tradition. She asked me to do it with her. And I said "OF COURSE!"

I went out the next day headed to Target to find a pretty candle and stopped in at Goodwill on the way. I looked at the back shelf and saw this candle sitting there...and my heart jumped. It was the duplicate of a candle my mom had given me about 5 years ago...with angels on it. It was like new (looked like it had been burned for 30 seconds maybe, because the wick was blackened.) I KNEW in my heart that this was my special candle to light for Mom...and it was also a gift from God, because it wasn't just any candle being assigned a special meaning.

It was MOM's candle she gifted to me. She LOVED angels...and now...she sits with angels.

I am thankful this year

for God..who knows our hearts and our hurts...

for MOM, who loved me well and taught me all the right stuff...and yes,

even for Goodwill, where this gal just NEVER knows what kind of beautiful unexpected treasure she might just have bestowed upon her.

Hugs to all. Thanks for dropping by to share a precious moment in my world...xo


Theresa said...

Oh dear Julie, I sure do share your pain! Our Mamas will always be in our hearts forever and always! Sweet pictures of your family with your Mama in them! I think that she is beautiful and you look JUST like her... hmmmm, that makes you beautiful too!

Love to you my friend, I pray that one day I can give you a big 'ole hug in person!

Dianna said...

What a special tribute to such a special lady, Julie. Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful pictures with us.

Thinking of you today as you remember. So blessed also by how the Lord had that special candle waiting for you at one of your favorite places. I was thinking about how you shared one time about you learned "thrifting" from your mother and I believe your grandmother. How appropriate then for HIM to have the candle for you there!

Hugs to you today. Hope the sun is shining in Iowa as brightly as it is in WV today!

Mom on a mission said...

Awww..I loved all the pictures:) I lost many special people thus year as well. My mother in law died in April at the age of 59 from Bone cancer and my Grandmother passed in March due to Brain Cancer. Thanksgiving was SO hard for us:( I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures and your heart of love. I miss my sweet mama too. She went home to Jesus twelve years ago, on the day after Thanksgiving so I am always thinking of her passing around this time of year too.
Gives me goose bumps about you finding that candle.

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, Julie. I didn't get around to blog-hopping yesterday so I'm only now seeing this. I'm so sorry for the hardness of those anniversaries. It's been one year and 2 months since my mom died. The holidays are still hard too, but it is SO good to know that our mamas are where they were made to be for all eternity. So glad you found that candle. Such a gift from God!

Love you, friend!

Lili said...

You were meant to find that candle Julie. God Bless you. xo ~Lili