Friday, November 18, 2011

The Things we do for Love....

A Place for Everything....and....Everything in it's place.

Do you have DAWGS?...Do they have A Place for their stuff???

Funny thing - those dogs...they have me trained well.

Every night I walk around and collect those toys.... and put them

Every morning they begin to scatter them inside and outside ...all over again.

phone pic...**VERY last pic of Gideon in the emptied Cottage on Woodberry...he turns 8 next week. That house was his home since he was 8 weeks old... many many memories.

AND!.....Today in this blogging world, I just want to say to all you blogging gals...who reach out and touch others with your words and share from your are a SISTER!

Have a GREAT weekend everybody! :-)



Anonymous said...

Your cozy blog is my morning cup of tea.
In Jesus, Paula

Mom on a mission said...

We had a very special yellow lab that we had to put down do to a serious disease ....we miss her very much!! Thank you for this post it was nice to think of her again:)

Sandy said...

Our little guy has us well trained too. ;0) I also go around at night and pick up all of his little toys. If he sees me doing this he immediately puts them back in the spot where he had them! Right now the living room floor has toys all over it and he is napping among them. I ordered a 96 pack of his favorite dental treat, Greenies for his Christmas present. One new toy from the pet store and he will be ready!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend. It's chilly here today!

Julie Harward said...

Hey there sweet sister...just click on my face book badge on my side bar, it will take you to my FB wall. Then, I think on the top right there will be a place to come in. Or just give me your name that you use there and I'll type it into the search line..or you can do that with mine Julie Harward. We have got to connect there! ;D

Joyce said...

I cannot resist doggy posts. Yours are soooo sweet. Sorry I have been m.i.a. for a bit in responding. SO BUSY... as you know. Work sucks the very life out of me. Today has been really hard, my aunt (mom's sister and my favorite aunt) isn't doing well and is in the nursing home. I thought about trying to bail my brother out of jail but my husband and kids were not for it, that broke my heart. But I will respect their wishes....I just have no objectivity. I am cleaning out mom's stuff in my den, too. Can't help but think about mama alot, even though I am trying not to. Your email came at a good time. I love you and thank you!!!!

Theresa said...

Sisters SURE are special:) Love those puppies! I know that they love their new home just like the old one because y'all are together! Have a blessed day my friend AND a wonderful Thanksgiving week! HUGS!

Lili said...

Awww...they bring so much love and joy to a house! xoxo ~Lili