Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

On this Thursday, the Thursday AFTER Thanksgiving Thursday....I am THANKFUL for:

**Bloggy sisters who post DELICIOUS recipes and share yummy goodies that we can bake with love for our own families....A nest with soft warm delicious chewy cookies and wonderful smells in the kitchen says...LOVE.

Get this recipe from this baker sister's blogpost. (the cookies are AWESOME!!!)

** **GOODWILL Thrift Stores

Discovered this sweet collector's plate last week. Love the little sheep - looks just like a cross-stitch! (.88)

**Christmas Decor gifted by Mom and Dad

they gave one of these to each of their kids.

**New Traditions with Special Meaning

a candle to light in memory of Mama at Thanksgiving (and after!)

**Childhood Crafts still done in Adulthood

used to spray pinecones, acorns and gumballs gold to make a wreath out of cardboard when we were youngsters. Pinecones from the cottage on Woodberry. :-)

**Favorite Smells that can be kept in the Home

smells like a Christmas tree!! :-) LOVE that smell!

**the Season of Advent

Jesus is the reason for the Season.

Giving Thanks today for these and MUCH more...and for YOU!

Hugs to all.


Mom on a mission said...

Love the pictures! The cookies though are making me drool:9 I think I may have gained a pound looking at them;)

Tete said...

Great post and I am thankful for you. Always cheering me on and praying when I need help. The bestest kind of blogging sister there is!
Hope your week is going good! Our babies didn't come back yesterday afternoon and they go to Petsmart on Sat. Tested neg for aids and leukemia, so they are good to go. Kind of quiet around here. :(

Sandy said...

I love cookies so I will definitely have to check out that recipe. They look delicious.
That little lamb plate is so sweet. Your Goodwill seems to have better stuff than mine!

Theresa said...

Love your pretties! I have one of those little ceramic trees with the multi-colored lights:) Still in the attic, thanks for the reminder! It always sits on my kitchen counter! Bless this house OH LORD we pray! Make it safe by night and day!

Enjoy your evening dear Julie, HUGS!