Friday, January 20, 2012

"Friday's FAVORITES" Feature...

For a while, I have been thinking about adding this post to my blog...Things that are FAVORITES of mine.

"Things I wouldn't want to live without!"

I am jumping right in today with my first Friday Feature.

Lip Care!

This product has literally TRUMPED all other lip balms.


Since I started using it several years ago, I have never looked back or tried anything else. It is soft and smooth...not waxy like ChapStick. It is not too thick or glossy like some and has no flavors or nasty taste.

It lasts longer so you don't have to keep reapplying it. I wear it around the house all day...put it on first thing in the morning, right before bedtime, and put a layer on under my lipstick before I go out.

And as you can see, the WalMart in Cedar Rapids was having a two-for-one deal, so I grabbed several!!! woot! They are in the Lip Care section of the Pharmacies and Health Care Sections.

If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. Here in the cold Iowa winter, I am protecting my skin and lips more and more because of the Winter WINDS!!!!

*It only has a slight sheen to it, so I have even converted Kurt and Kam to it, along with Kat. I sent these over to Justin when he was in the Afghanistan desert.

This is my FAVORITE lip treatment, and I would NOT want to live without it! :-)

Have a Fabulous Friday. MORE snow coming in Iowa. I am staying warm and snug in the burrow again! Lot of snow moving across the midwest...Watch out...It's Coming!

My old stomping grounds, Charlotte, is 54 degrees with Rain!...What's up with that????
February is typically Snow month there, but that's crazy for Winter temps!!!

HUGS to all dropping by.


Theresa said...

I use that too! I also use the regular blistex under it! Enjoy your day! Stay warm and cozy my friend, HUGS!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Oh I know! The South has had an incredibly mild winter this year. My forsythia and daffodils are already blooming. Course that doesn't mean we can't still have an ice storm or something. I'm afraid spring is going to be wet and wild!

Sandy said...

I'll look for that. It sounds great. Chap Stick feels and looks awful. Yes, we have 50's and rain forecast here, too, and I want snow!
Have a great weekend whatever the weather.

Tete said...

Glad you posted this. I have never seen it. I use the regular one.
We have the winter mix coming in in just a few hours. Rain, ice and snow. I am hunkered down and staying in!

Lili said...

You know I've never even used any kind of chap stick before...but I try to keep my lipstick real handy. I must recommend this to Henri who uses it though. xo ~Lili