Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday "What I Like" post

There are some things, every once in a while, you find yourself falling in love with...(so to speak) and your eye starts spotting them...(when you are a thrifter).

One of those "things", for me, is a mirrored tray. They do go way back. Most of us probably had a grandma who had at least one on her dresser with her atomizer perfume misters sitting on it.

I have collected a number of them over the years in my thrifting ventures, and still find some occasionally. They are scattered throughout the nest. *One of mine got broken in the move from NC to Iowa, but that's okay. :-) This post is just a picture show of those trays. It reveals to YOU something about me.

I DO like mirror trays. :-)

These two sit on my dresser.

I LOVE the blue opaque glass and design of this one! some of my earrings are tossed here everyday.

hand creams and lotions

This pretty little one is on my bedside table.

The next two are on the Master Bath vanity.

Kurt's side

My side

The next two are NOT trays...but I WILL use framed mirrors, a tray.

This one is on the wicker stand in the bath.

This one is a catch-all "tray" in the back hall nook.

**SO if you don't happen to have mirrored trays, you can still substitute a pretty framed mirror!

Hall guest bath

This one is a recent find. It shouted at me from an upper shelf in the Cedar Rapids Salvation Army store. I do LIKE it.

It is different in that the edge is an open scallop design...a little more vintage I think! **(those tonic/bitters bottles were also at the SA store the same visit)

Living Room - pic of little Kam and kitty Rastus.

Dining Room Hutch - I L*O*V*E me my plaid Scotty Dog salt/peppers... (I have Scotch-Irish in my heritage)

Dining Room- on my "heritage photo table." I shall have to do a post on those photos soon. THIS tray is my largest 22 inches...Salvation Army store in Charlotte. It belonged to the Aunt of the checkout gal, Mary (my sweet friend!) and she had it stored in a closet for years, and finally just turned it in to the store. She told me all this when I purchased it!

How about you? Do you like to use trays for display and holding items? Some of my trays are NOT mirrored.

If you thrift, Keep your eyes peeled...these old trays DO appear here and there. Maybe they will "shout" out to you, too! :-)

Another e-post to reveal a little about ME....what makes me tick...what I love...

Hugs to ALL visiting. Stay warm in this wintry weather...Think Spring while you hibernate in the cold...


Theresa said...

I do use trays and have a couple of mirrored ones too! I think they are so pretty, my favorite is the one with the open scallop design!

Enjoy your day dear Julie, big hugs! Stay warm:)

Tete said...

I have used them in the past both for setting things on and mirrors behind for enlarging a collection or display. It lifts light up through the glassware and lets it sparkle more. A mirror collector is a collector of light. That suits you well.
If you take a cut glass vase and set in on a table, it's beautiful in its own right.
Place it on a mirror that reflects light, it glows in all its splendor.
A lot like us- without Christ- with Christ. Everything looks better with light shining through.
I'll bet you collect prisms, too...

Julie Harward said...

I love how they reflect the pretties sitting on them. Love how they are all so different from each other too..just so pretty! :D

Lisa notes... said...

I have a mirrored tray that I use on my dresser! Except that it's so fully of junk I never see the mirror anymore. ha. You have a beautiful collection, Julie. Your house is just full of treasures!

Anonymous said...

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