Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Book Highlight

While out last week, (before the BIG snow) I made it to the Marion library. It is FANTASTIC! Their DVD section is the largest I have ever seen in ANY library anywhere... and not just movies, but entire seasons of television shows - shelf after shelf after shelf!

I found several books that I am loving flipping through, and wanted to highlight the one below. It is loaded with pictures of combinations of colors and patterns that are beautiful.

Love that sunny yellow with the blue tartan plaid!

Here's another cheerful yellow/blue and white. *LOVE* the toile. It's a classic.
!!!AND WOOD that is NOT painted..kind of rare nowadays..I'm loving it!!!

Love the soft green with the pop of yellow.

Another sage green, this time with red. love the checks and florals.

favorite ~ blue and white!!

Another..patterns galore! Don't ya love that puppy picture on the wall?

One more...with toile again.

How about black and white?...the yellow touch is nice, yes?

and another.

Another Favorite color ~ RED!

Very Cottage cheerful kitchen, toile on the ceiling this time!

This is the last photo in the book, and I will close the highlights with it.

This was one of my favorites in the entire book. I immediately had my wheels start turning when I saw it. I have a 3/4 bed that belonged to my grandfather. He slept in it as a child, and I know he was born in 1896, so it's at least that old. It is handmade and the spindles handturned. My kids used it when they were small, but it takes a special size mattress (worn out!) and is not really long enough for an adult.

Here it is in our current basement...a very sentimental possession, yet not really usable for sleeping anymore.

I have visions of THAT treasure becoming a useable piece of furniture again, (repurposed) with some handy dandy saw cuts and added wood, and nails and glue...yes...a bench like the red one you see. I have run it by Da Man as maybe a 30th wedding anniversary gift??? hint..hint... so that was why I liked this book so much.

It inspired a vision! :-)

A very FUN book to read and thumb through multiple times. I wouldn't mind having it in my personal collection. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one. Maybe your library has this one.

Hope all of those stopping by have a wonderful Thursday. If you have snow, STAY WARM! If you have sunshine and nice warm temps...get out in it for ME!!!

Happy Reading. (I think I sound like Levar Burton on the Reading Rainbow show my kids used to

***PS My Marine Mom Sister, Nancy (sargeant major mama)shared this with me this morning...LOVE it. put it on my FB and here too! :-) a smile for you today.
Hugs to all...



Theresa said...

Oh my goodness... lots of pretties! I love the yellows and reds! Cute little cowboy picture:)

I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest! I sure AM!


Dianna said...

Can hardly wait to see what your vision and Kurt's handywork will produce!

Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures with us.

Sandy said...

I have to say I loved every picture especially the blue and white bedroom and, yes, that darling bench. I am sure you can turn that wonderful old headboard into something just as pretty as that bench. What a treasure! Can't wait to see!

Lili said...

Oh my goodness, we're on the same wavelength Julie. Just today I saw a beautiful carved rice bed in Goodwill for only $19 and that was my first thought, to make a bench out of it. I didn't get it though because it was KING size and I just have run out of room. Love all the inspiration on here and it would be so special to have your Grandfather's bed turned into a bench, what an awesome idea! xo ~Lili