Monday, January 9, 2012

Merry Monday and Metamorphosis of the Bath

Mondays are a dreaded day - "back to the old grind". When you are out and about, flash a smile...

Insert a split second merry moment into someone's day. Who knows what lift it will give or measure of warm fuzzies it will deliver?

Today I am doing a spotlight on the Vintage Pink guest bath... It is ALMOST finished. The replaced/regrouted tiles in the shower just need the sealer put on
and then the plumbing hardware/handles/spigot reinstalled. and ...YAY!

The floor in this bath has colors galore to work with as far as accents.

*('scuse the dusty mess!) :-) There is dove grey, yellow, pink, sky blue, mint green, chocolate brown and white.

The wallpaper in this bath goes well with the floor tiles. It is a very pretty trumpet vine design. I am content to leave it ...(though I usually prefer solid walls for that "blank canvas" to hang wall art that it doesn't clash or compete with what is hanging.) The primary colors picked up in it are the pink, blue and green, so I went with those three.

One of my favorite artists(another) :-) *Arthur J. Elsley did the print above the toilet. It has a mint green mat in the mix. Another of his prints is on one side of the vanity. It picks up the pinks and yellows. (especially the pink satin sash on the little girl's white frock!! so sweet.

MOST of his works depict children and animals...*why I love them so much!!

On the main wall, I went with a mirror, once again, for the light it reflects to brighten up the bath. In the reflection, you see the two glass dishes below....

In this space over the hand towel location, I needed something flat that wouldn't stick out and be bumped!...but had nothing in my possession that fit the was patiently watching for something in the thrift escapades...
During the Christmas shopping, I stopped by the T J Maxx and saw these...the only two...down on a bottom shelf under a box with a platter in it. The pink caught my eye. When I pulled them out...BINGO went through my thoughts...and a SMILE was on my face...perfect colors for the bath...perfect pattern for the wallpaper, and BIRDS for my feathering love of aviary themes in my house. ($5.99 a piece.) Not a thrift price, but a very GOOD retail price for such beautiful plates.

Every time I step into this bath and see them, I really do smile!

Truly a perfect match for this pink bath of mine.

I decided to move my dancing froggy lamp in here because it was the perfect shade of green to bring out that color a bit more.

When we purchased the house, this bath had the pink shower curtain in it, but it was a little TOO much pink on it's own, so I added the vintage tablecloth (my grandmother's) topper over it that I had in the master bath on Woodberry. Helps keep the pink from "taking over" the whole bath.

A totally different element was in this bath (well, I've never seen it before)....

a ceiling fan...pretty unique for a 60's rambler...I was surprised. It will stay for now, but if I ever come across a vintage ceiling fixture or chandy that would "just fit" the bath, the fan will come down!

And so I highlight another nook in the new is easier to do it blogging for those back home who want "to see" the house, (but have NO intention of travelling over a thousand miles to view it!) AY YA YA...and it also records in my own online scrapbook another entry for memories of this nest...glad I have the ones from the cottage on Woodberry, so I won't forget the small details that fade in memory with time...

God bless you. Have a very Merry Monday. Thank you for remembering all of our Military Courageous Heroes. Pray for those who are working up and getting ready to go back out...(my Justin). Pray for those who are currently in the thick of it, dealing with the dangerous daily lifestyle of a deployment (Cindy Lou's Justin, Tete's Eric, Nancy's Jeff, Kim's son, so many), and remember those who have arrived back to the homeland and are dealing with all that they have just witnessed, and lived and experienced...that they will be able to process it all in a healthy manner and have love, support and help if they need it...

This Marine Mom thanks you.


Theresa said...

Ooohhhh Lah Lah, LOVE it! The floor is perfect with the tile AND wallpaper! You are ONE good decorator to coordinate ALL of these pretties! Thank you for your prayers! Let me know what is next for your JUSTIN! HUGS!

Sandy said...

I think you're pulling everything together really well and it all looks so pretty. I just love those
bird plates! And TJ Maxx is my favorite store!

Dianna said...

I love this pink bathroom! Wow...what a difference your feathering has made in this room, Julie dear! Sent you an e-mail about the prints you have in there...and about all of the people you've wished a Merry Monday to without ever leaving your home! ;-) I can't wait to see the light fixture the Lord puts before you to replace the fan!

Anonymous said...

- Paula

Julie Harward said...

You always bring the merry into my life when you leave a comment for me. It is fun to always be feathering our nests isn't it? I love your bird prints, sweet. I have a fan in my bathroom, saves me when it's summer and the hot flashes hit! God bless Justin and all the others too! :D

Anonymous said...

Julie love the "new"bathroom it is looking great.I really love the wallpaper also and heck wallpaper is coming back. I have also seen wallpaper done with an antique wash over it so it tones it down (not that this one needs that), the plates are devine love them!!!
Thank you so much for thinking of our son yes he left this past week and it was a sad sad day for both Bill and I. Didn't know your Justin was going back again also my prayers for him as well. I once again put you in charge of prayers for our guys I sometimes think you have a pipeline right to da man!!!(no not Kurt this time) lol. Keep up the great work and oh yeah stay warm. Nancy