Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pillow Love...and Semper Fi!

Thrifted Pillows...

If you keep your eyes peeled and watch, you can get some really great pillows at Thrift stains, no smells, no tears or pulls, no lumps... "like new" OR new with tag on.

I LOVE me some blue and white....some roses...and some heavy fringe...SO like this find. The fabric is like a heavy linen. Meant to sit in my Living Room...well...I think so! :-)

I love the Muppets, I love Charlie Brown, I love Peter Rabbit, I love Winnie the Pooh... silly ole bear... "think...think...think..." that's me. :-)

Perfect for the spare room downstairs next to Kam's.... :-)

These just gave a contemporary and colorful punch to the "man-cave" downstairs...kind of has a bit of Western Rustic theme going in it.

Pillows came from Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in Cedar Rapids and Marion IA.
They can run from .49 for a small one up to 3-4.99 for floor size pillows.

Fun. I love to thrift. Still have Christmas gift $$ in my wallet after many finds.
Cheap Thrills.

Hugs to all who pop in this hump-day Wednesday!

A Marine I have been praying through his 2nd Afghanistan tour is getting ready to return home. {{He is out of the danger zone.}} That would call for a big Praise The Lord...OOO-RAH...SEMPER-FI...and Thank you, Lance Corporal Simmons. Your service and sacrifice and commitment are priceless.


Julie Harward said...

I love all your pillow finds, especially the one with roses and they each look great in their new place too. Yay for your son coming home soon I hope. :D

Sandy said...

I have gotten some of my prettiest pillows at thrift stores too. Yours are beautiful. Love Pooh!

Lisa notes... said...

I can only imagine how happy the family is of Lance Corporal Simmons! Woo-hoo! Come on home; job well done!

Tete said...

Love your pillow finds and can't wait until I can do that again. Miss it so!
Woo hoo on a boy coming home! That's always good news.
Hope you are having a fun day there. Come see what we have going on. Its the nasty for sure. LOL
Hugs, girl!

Theresa said...

Sweet pillows added to your wonderful home and at bargain prices! Thank you so much for the many prayers for Justin! I got to facebook chat with him today! HAPPY HAPPY DAY! Love you bunches! Smiling ME!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

You really did find some great pillows! Love, love the blue and white one.

I found my favorite pillows (deep red and cream toile) at Goodwill. I think they're a Waverly pattern.

Lili said...

Very pretty accessorizing my dear! And so happy for the family of that Marine to be able to breathe easy now. xo ~Lili