Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still singing and smiling in the Blues...

2012 has blown in here in Cedar Rapids...oh the winds!!! I am content to stay warm inside the little nest here. There is something rumbling out in Iowa...the Iowa Caucus is today. Seems to be a weighty event in the course of political circles...so we shall all be watching to see what the results will deliver to the media hounds.

Enough of that...I try to keep politics OUT of my blog...

I am posting today about one of my FAVORITES in life ~ the colors blue and white ~ always have been > always will be. just love the peaceful combination, the ambience they create when put side by side. SO many shades of blue.

The master bath here in this 60's Rambler is done in the blue tile of those days, so holds a classic touch all by itself. I, of course, was quite happy to see the blue color scheme. We finally got the vintage double chandy hung this New Year's weekend.
So thankful for Da Man's electrical savvy and handy-man skills.

I was NOT leaving that restored thrift find behind in Charlotte. It goes very well with the blue. *(I do not intend to keep the busy wallpaper, but for now it is acceptable and I can live with it.)

Just posting a few pics to record the change here on the E-journal.

The original 60's "space-dome" ceiling fixture might have had some appeal to an industrial-chic lover...but not for me. It did not provide NEAR enough lighting for my eyes during makeup application. Now - it is SO bright! rah..

As noted earlier, the master bath doorway had NO door...(??) and the two French skinny doors I had brought with me fit the ticket. I did not want to put curtains ON the doors, but wanted to see through the glass when they were closed and the bath was not in use. There is a white chenille curtain that pulls across for privacy whenever needed. **We still have to replace the missing tiles across the front of the vanity. that project is next.

I came across these oh-so-pretty little vintage "robin's egg blue" milkglass vessels when thrifting, and fell in love immediately!!! Who wouldn't??!

they fit in perfectly with the many shades of blue in the bath.

One thing that is noticed frequently about the baths in the 60's era...they were NOT considered so much a luxury as just a nice convenience as far as SIZE. The master bath here is small but it works. :-) There is NOT a lot of storage, but I had this one little niche right beside the shower, and this wicker stand fit PERFECTLY!!! Love that I had just the piece to work.

It holds the hair brushes (no drawers in this bath!) a sweet smelling candle, toiletries, the metal box holding all my makeup supplies, and the long decorative tin planter holds the toilet paper supply. The bottom drawer holds extra handtowels and washcloths. I couldn't be happier with its purpose ! And I love the mix of some wicker in the bath with the vintage tile and bling.

That's all my blues and "bath update" for today. Thanks for popping in to visit. Have a warm day...It's time to get ready for WINTER! December was pretty nice to all of us.

Thank you for continuing to remember ALL of our military heroes working out, and training, and marching, and defending all over this big globe. God bless them all...
God Bless America.
God Bless the United States Marines.

GOD BLESS YOU! Hugs .......


Sandy said...

We sure do have the same decorating styles, Julie. I love everything, all looks so very pretty. I used to have wallpaper in nearly every room but grew tired of it and it's all gone now except in the downstairs den and that will be coming down in the spring and the baseboard walls all painted a creamy ivory.
It's a frigid day here in NC! Was 17 when we woke up with a -1 wind chill. Hasn't warmed up much either. Brrrr! Good day to stay inside and do crafts.

Theresa said...

God bless you too dear Julie! Thanks for your continued prayers and Kurt too:) Love your sweet bathroom, you are as happy as a bug in a rug in your new home! It is amazing how happiness comes from within wherever we are! Can't wait to hear how the Caucus turns out... I don't do politics in my blog either:)

Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

Staci said...

LOVE the milk glass vessels! Yeah for handy hubbies! :)

Dianna said...

I love that blue tile. That particular shade is so peaceful and calming.

Joyce said...

Have you ever thought about becoming an interior designer? Or creating a blog about all the changes and creations and designs you have done? I think people would flock to it for ideas. Just a thought! Stay warm!!!! xoxo

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The double chandy is just STUNNING!! Love it so much. That's beautiful milkglass that you found. Our masterbath is teeny too. As a matter of fact, one of my neighbors added on to his house and added a fabulous masterbathroom...he turned the old masterbath into a closet LOL!