Monday, January 30, 2012

Merry Monday and a GREAT idea...

Merry Monday to you...pull that smile out...polish it...put it to work! ;-)

Before I share the Great Idea, here are:

Two little Goodwill finds {under 1.50~ woot! gotta love 'em} that made me merry last week....

**a pretty silk peony bouquet .....{{{smiles}}}

the blooms look so real...

gracing the unfinished room across the hall...

** a cheerful Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster pillow with a red gingham Cottage cute! (*we used to have some BPR roosters in our chicken coop days, so this feather is a little thread in our family story tapestry!!)

and NOW... I have a creative idea to share. I saw this little mirror deal sitting on a shelf and walked over to look at it. When I tried to pick it up it rolled around under my fingers...(!!???)

Here is the mirror part that I saw...pretty details on the trim.

Now look underneath,

Look closer....

yes...Rubbermaid!'s one of those lazy Susans for your pantry or cupboard. Somebody took one and glued a perfect-sized mirror to the top and made a pretty turntable for OUT of the cabinet. SO smart! (thinking outside the box!)

So now I have a pretty turn-around mirror tray for the Family Room coffee table to catch all of Kam's stuff!!! *That's where he throws it all!

I thought I would share that today, because it was such an ingenious idea. I figure you can use a round frame with glass also, and put a pretty print, pinterest collage, vintage hanky, favorite photo....who knows??? under the glass! or you could do a mirror like the clever person who made mine.

That's all for MERRY MONDAY!! Your smile will make someone's day...TODAY!

Thanks so much for remembering to include our military heroes in your prayers.

{{{Hearts of love and hugs}}} flying out to YOU!

**thanks Tete - for the image!


Theresa said...

What a great idea! I love lazy Susans! They sure help a small cabinet and now can be pretty too! Enjoy your day my friend, thank you for your prayers:) HUGS!

Sandy said...

Those flowers really do look so real. Love them. I saw a similar rooster pillow at one of the Good Will stores here and almost got it. When I went back to get it it was gone.
Have a good week.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That mirror is such a cute idea! I'd love one for my bedroom vanity to keep all my potions on :)

LOvE the pillow!!!!

Lili said...

Ohhhhh I just happen to have 3 lazy susans around here too! xo ~Lili